The Victorian Era

This was such a Romantic period, although that period is the 1830s.  Very fitted dresses with yards of material.  Small waists...which do not suit me at all even when I'm thin....but...who cares.

I've been doing some research and WOW...this era covers a lot of ground and many dress styles.  I'm working on the photos and hope to have them up soon.  I also found a book call "The Fashionable Lady in the 19th Century" from the V&A Museum that my mother had and gave to me.  It's loaded with fashion plates and she also gave me a magazine from 1849 - 1850!  Hard to imagine that I'm holding a magazine that is over 100 years old.  It too has fashion plates.  The name of the magazine is "Graham's Magazine" of Literature and Art.  I have 2 "Peterson's" Fashion Plates too.  I believe I can scan and publish these as they are past the copyright time.

I'm going to purchase my patterns and after a lot of research, I'm going to get the Truly Victorian Patterns.  Looks like the first time frame will be 1870's. It was the transition period from Large Sweeping Skirts to the Bussel.

I just watched the Masterpiece Theatre's "Jane Eyre" with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens.  If you like Goth Novels you must read this book by Charlotte Brontë.  If you want to watch the movie, watch this one for sure.  A very well done characterization of both Jane and Edward.  Anyway it made up my mind.  I'm going to do a 1833 - 1839 day dress.  (3_15_07)

Underware | 1830s Dress|1840s | 1850s |1860s Dress| Bussel Dress 1870s
1860 Civil War Asymmetrical Ball Gown 1880 Small Bussle Gown I love the peach and cream colors

Here is an Overview of the Fashions of the Day:

An Overview Regency: Price & Predudice Times

Romantic Period: Large Hats & Larger Sleeves

Wives & Daughters Times

1839..A Transition Period
1840s  Jane Eyre (I think it will pass anyway)  
1869s Eliptical 1869s Eliptical Ball Room
1860s Hoops 1860s Dress and the Hoops again
Bustle Gown Truly Victorian Bustle

Well, of course, a women is allowed to change her mind.  I'm going to do 1840s (The Jane Eyre Period).  They didn't get into the hoops & busstles at this time.  A lot of petticoats and of course the Corset!  I purchased two patterns from Laughing Moon.  The corset comes hightly recomended from my sewing freinds.  I'll try the Dore, straight seams corset.  There is even a chemise & drawers with these patterns.

Covers 1837 - 1899 with these two Corsets


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