Early Victorian - Jane Eyre Dress



1837 - 1845

Lots of Petticoats.  Shape is Bell

This is my Jayne Eyre imspired gown.  I hope to get it done this year and then I'll have something for Dickens Faire.

Jayne Eyre Costume


I got out my Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion, and found two patterns for the dress that I want to make.

1839-1845 jayne eyre jayne eyre 1837-1841

So I have scaled patterns for both of these dresses.  I will make some changes.  The dress that I'm in love with is this one.

Jane Eyre Costume from the Tash Tudor Collection

Soft changeant black and deep red satin, woven with red dots at intervals, wide V neckline, pleated fabric bodice cross, inset waistband, long sleeves gathered at shoulders, piped cuffs, skirt pleated to inset waistband, skirt trimmed with pink piped vertical ruffle on right front, white silk and cotton linings, (one cuff button replaced, wear at waistband, on piping and at hem, fraying underarms, ivory silk bodice lining torn) good. B 34", W 25",
Sh-Sh 16", L 55"

Sold for $977.50

I love the neckline and the ruffle down the side of the dress.  Because the waistline is natural it is on the early side of the 1840s or the late 1830s.  I'll be taking a class on 3/9 on how to scale up patterns or I'll take the pattern to Kinkos to have it scaled up.

Will need a Corset (in Process)

At least 3 Petticoats (I have fabric - 3 yards each)

Silk for the Dress ( perhaps 5 yards)

Lightweight linen for the lining (may have to look for more I have at least 3yds)


Another person has chosen to make this dress!  I've not even started on this one with my SCA dresses, but I will start on it one day. I feel I'm too heavy right now to make this dress and have it look good on.


Young Victoria is going to be real eye candy!

It so was...beautiful costumes and hair. (12_29_09)

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