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This is a self drafted corset that I made about 2 years ago.  It was my first corset that was back and front lacing.  I felt I needed one that I could get into by myself.  It does not compress the waist, but as you can see I have no waist. 


  • too much overflow under the arms...major yuck!
  • front needs to be extended to tuck in the tummy.
  • I think the sides are too long at the bottom and need to go up under the arms.  Move all that fat to the front.
  • Add shoulder straps to help again, move the fat from under the arms to the front.
  • Make own eyelets, the grommets are loose and I think will pull out...need more of them anyway.

So, back to the drawing board and try to redraft another.  I will keep the front and back lacing It's the best thing about this corset outside of the red silk.


I think to rectify the underarm flab, If I make a corset with straps that will help.  The Tudor Tailor ladies have several patterns to pick from.  I'm going to see how the gown works with the layers I have and I'll make a corset if necessary to reach the right silhouette.