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Bodice & Skirt: Brown Velvet

Gown (3rd layer)

This will be made out of Brown Velveteen with a placard to cover the front lacing. Skirt will be split to reveal the flocked petticoat underneath.


I may be crazy, but I'd like to do this overgown by 12th Night  Jan 2012

I got out the fabric and pattern to make the attempt. Since I made the Kirtle back lacing, this will be front lacing as originally planned.

I have some seagreen china silk, I'm going to use this as the lining for the skirt.  If I hike up the train, the silk will show.  Also it is show if the velvet folds back on itself in the front.


Since I started this project so many years ago, I mis labeled the parts of the Dress.  This 3rd layer is called:  The Gown