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Kivrim Card Weaving

 So I'm learning another tablet weaving technique:  Kivrim

Apparently it means bent and there are a lot of bent lines with this pattern.

Kivrim Card Weaving Pattern    This is the most common pattern done.


taken from pattern taken from the wiki page.


7-29-12 I'm going to do a short piece to get all the specifics down then I'll post up what my finding are.  I'll then make a large piece for the Barter I'm doing.  I'm using some very earth tone colors for my piece in egypt cotton #10 crochet threads.

So I never could get the gtt tablet weaving program, so complicated to use even if most people like it.  I found the free software Tablet Weaver and it's Great!  From Marley Crafts.

Easy to use and understand!!

I tried the above pattern in the program and it works...Check it out Here.

Started the sample and guess what, the pattern is upside down!  I've reversed the S & Z threading.  Also, something is not exact with the pattern. Once I get it off the loom, for one thing I'm not getting the whole pattern only half.  I'm weaving 5 sets of 4 turns and have not done the reverse side, so I'm building up a lot of twist.  Since this is the flat loom, I've undone the twist by hand.  I'm getter better at my tension but I had to purchase 2 3" C clamps for one side and a hand clamp for the other.  I don't know how they did it in period, I need to check lengths, maybe they didn't do a long warp but lots of short ones.

colors pattern
These are the colors chosen

This is what I've woven up.  I've got about 42" so far and have untwisted the threads 3 times to get that much. 

I must have a card mis-threaded as the pattern is not exactly as it should be.

Managed to eek out 57" for this trim.                     7-31-12  









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