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Tablet Weaving


2-21-10 Today I tried my first tablet weaving.

I made a promise at 12th Night to do a Belt for my friend.

She loves to wear Normans and this belt will do well with her clothes and it's Period!

5-12-11 A Start

Black for the edges

Red & Gold for the background


Cottolin thread  22/2 from Sweden &  USA
12 feet needed = 144 inches



Nulla Audacia   Nulla Gloria

which means :no guts no glory

The letters are to be vertical at the beginning and the end of the belt.


Double Face  
I've grafted out the words.  

I've misplaced my original cards, so I had to use some that I made in the past but didn't use. 

Numbered and lettered them

Marked the wrong edge in Red

So the Green Side is UP

Edge Cards are All Black

A & D cards are Red and B & C cards are gold

2F & 2B is the rotation of the background which gives an all red front and all gold backside

The colored (gold) pattern threads are turned the other way for the pick and then those pattern cards are returned to the pack. on to the next line of the graph for the next pick.

2 cards edge Black

4 cards top Red

12 cards for the letters Gold

4 cards bottom Red

2 cards edge Black



Cards are threaded S & Z alternating



The yellow thread is 100% linen and it's shedding all over the rest.  So it looks sloppy. Once it's done I trust I can get all the bits off the main weaving and have it look nice.     5-17-11

I warped up 147" on the loom and right now I'm measuring 120" and that is including the knot at the end.

I expect this belt to be under 120" which will be under 10 feet and she needs a min of 132" or 12 feet.

119" Total counting the fringe for the finished piece

So I wove a small element of 4 dots along the back of the belt for some design interest.  In this photo you can see the front side (red) and the back side (yellow)

I warped up another belt and used up all the yellow linen

The end piece measures 41"

So I'm going to send her these pieces and she can cut them up for trim if she can't use it as a belt.



This is my first belt of this length! If the yellow linen had not been such a problem I think I'd have done much better.




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