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Tablet Weaving


2-21-10 Today I tried my first tablet weaving.

  Warped up the loom just like Inkle, butBeka Loom with the tables rather than the heddels.

This is the pattern, 4 up and 4 down at 1/4 rotations.

Not too bad for a first try.  Self Taught.

Friday I go visit a friend, who will help me with tablet weaving.  I want to do the Rams Horn pattern next.



I had lots of Inkle to do for my class, so this was put on hold till now.

Had another fail with the rams horn design (twice now) I had to cut it all of the loom.  But, I found the shortest length I can do on the loom now.

short warp

So I went back to basics and designed my own trim.

6 cards for the design and 2 cards for the edges.

At least I like it and will have some small tablet trim and can make this is multiple colors next time.

Treaded in 2 colors on top and 2 on bottom, 8 cards total, S & Z alternating and I put every other card so that light threads were on top..creating the speckling effect.


1st design

One Day can make a huge difference, so frustrated with the rams horn design and the vine design.  I really want to make them, but cannot find instructions that are clear enough for me.

Once again, I'm getting garbage on my loom.

I will do this!



1/2 of the pattern is correct, it's just getting the other (reverse) side to go right...aggghhhhh!!!

Happy 4th of July, 2010

rams horn attempt
OK, I got it!  Ladies and Gentlemen...I present Rams Horn and the pattern!
colors used 22 Cards and 5 Colors
Rams Horn Pattern Rams Horn
From Card Weaving by Candace Crockett I followed step by step and it works!
reversal of rams horn

You can't keep turning the cards in the same direction, the threads twine up real bad so you have to reverse.  Rather then have the reversal which causes the oval (see Candace photo above) I chose another location and had a different configuration of the pattern which I preferred.

51" made before twist build up and I had to cut it off the loom.

It's about 1/2 inch in width, but the edges are pretty loose.  Must work on making my weft a lot tighter.

I do find it odd that the best web site's I've found are all in Europe, Germany, Sweden and Finish.

So the next adventure will be to make the Vine Pattern

vine pattern

I'm making a board loom to see just how different it can be to use it rather than the inkle loom.

$1.00 in wood, nails and a 60 cent dowel, the other end is the same configuration. 

If it doesn't work for tablet weaving then I'll use it for a warping board.

I'll stain and seal it if it works................................7-11-10

Board Measurments: 42.5" Long x 3.5" wide x 1" high

End pieces: 5" high x  3.5"  x 1" depth

Dowel is 3" off the base

I sanded the sharp edged on the end pieces.  I didn't nail the dowel in at the far end. 

The problem as with all looms is getting the tension right, but this is a very cheap solution and don't mind using it.

So I'm making a very short warp for the test Vine Pattern. Got all 19 cards threaded and I'm tying the end of the card onto the dowel and I have to find a way to anchor the end pieces for weaving.


Purple, Green and antique white in crochet cotton #10

1st go round, it's not there yet, but I can see the bones of the pattern.  The cards want to twist sideways and they are getting jumbled, so I think the pattern is getting messed up due to that.

Vine-1st attempt

tablet weaving board
vine 2nd try

OK, I got it!!  Yes, the problem before was the twist (the S vs Z) of the tablets.  It's very important that they go the right direction in this pattern.

Right now I'm having trouble with tension.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get more of this pattern.  I untwisted by hand twice, but the threads still got all tangled.  Only about  14" worth of this trim and I goofed up in 2 locations.

tablet weaving loom

Here is my new loom!  It's beautiful.  Made out of maple for me by Dale Thomas, LLC.   I recommend them highly for their friendly and quick responses when you are going to purchase a loom.

They kinda disapear when you have follow up questions.

Made in two months time for the most reasonable price on the web that I could find.  7-15-10

I've had the loom for 4 months now and I cannot recommend the loom.  The pegs do not stay still, they bend.  The base not sturdy enough.  I cann't get good tension, but it's a good thing that there are 2 tension bars or I'd be cursing up a storm.

It'll do inkle as well as tablet weaving on this and it has 2 tension bars.

rams horn in blue

So my daughter wants a bracelet made from rams horn pattern.  She picked out the colors and I was able to weave it on my new loom which is working out very well.


rams horn rams horn pattern
So I got a new rams horn pattern.  All the tablets are S threaded, which makes it less complicated to set up.  Had some problems at the start but got them squared away (I was doing the wrong turning)

So I got the pattern.  Now I'll see how long a piece I can make.  I got abaout 40" worth of a short warp, not too bad since the threads twine  very tight

I don't have permission to post up the instructions on this one.

rams horn johnny's pattern


So, the next technique is Double Face  
I'm going to learn how to do letters.  I've grafed out my name. double-face-graph

I'll pick two colors, use a short warp as well.

Green and white (my heraldic colors)

A & D cards are White and B & C cards are green

2F & 2B is the roation of the background which gives an all white front and all green backside

The colored (green) pattern threads are turned the otherway for the pick and then those pattern cards are returned to the pack. on to the next line of the graph for the next pick.

hmmm...I thought I knew what I was doing, but it's not looking like I want.  Also the linen/cotten thread is more fragile than I thought and I've broken a thread already.  Thank goodness it was the weft.

I've got 4 spinners or swivels in play for the end cards, will see how they work on the twist.



It took a while but I've got the idea down on how to do double face

It takes 2 turns of the cards to make one row of the pattern.

It takes 4 turns (2 rows) to bring the cards back to home position (ie where you started)

The colors change from backward to forwards.  It is very hard to put into words.

This link shows it the best.  A video on You Tube.

The funny thing is that she is teaching about the selvage cards which I didn't care about.  Watch how the tablets are turned that is the key to this technique.  When she talkes about forward and backwards


double face vine pattern

double face tablet weaving

Now to just get my weaving a little more even.  Practice is all it requires. 

I can do Words! weaving a name
I am going to do a TW band for Her Grace Kara laurel leaves above and her name in her colors of black, red & white.  11-27-10 set up
double face tablet weaving

So today I started weaving.   I have to be extra extra careful not to make any mistakes.  The pattern is showing nicely.


tablet weaving laurel leaves

Got a little more woven today.  This takes a long time to weave.  You have to be very precise on which tablets to turn forward or backward.

14 inches done so far in 9 leaves. EOD 25" done

Rather than turn the edges forward all the time (terrible twist build up) I'm alternating the turning of the cards.  The edges look OK to me I like the pattern that develops.  Apparently it's not as firm an edge.  If you weave in just one direction you get a plain tabby weave and that is tighter than what I'm doing.  Cannot help that now, more than 1/2 way through.


44 inches done at end of day.  I decided to just do the leaves and not her name.  That way this can be used in more ways than just a belt.  Keep it simple and flexible.



tablet weaving laurel leaves

Last bit of weaving with a total of 57 inches.


Another Loom!


This one I helped make.  I must paint or stain it now.

my loom
  Made from pine, due to cost. [$25.00 rather than $75.00] 2 x 4 and dowels.  This set up made 2yds 4" worth of trim.  Shead area is small but it works with inkle weaving.  Card weaving is not a problem.      4-3-11
Making a belt for my friend Isela  TW for Roman Palla
My Tablet Weaving brought $160.00 at Auction at March Crown!!                                                                                                            2012

anglo saxon promissary 6-12-12 started work on the trim.  She wants 12 yards!!

Done 5.7 yards and working on the 3rd section which will yield another 2.9, so almost 1/2 way one.  I have to say I'll probably never do this color combo again.

green anglo saxon band

After making so much blue of the design, I went ahead and make the green.  Many months ago, I had cut the threads to make this and since it was just waiting to be made, I've got it done.  Only 50" total and I really made mistakes at the end 4 inches.

I'm burned out on this design.  I'll only do it on commission work.


Gifted this band to my Laurel as she needed trim for her apron straps     7-25-12  

For my next Technique Kivrim (bent) patterns

This is a treaded in pattern with multiple packs and different turnings.  Some really interesting patterns out there.



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