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Adventures in the S.C.A.
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Square Cloak or Sagum


design 1

I must work on my photoshop skills, but it is difficult without a tablet.

This is a rough design

Don't know why it's called a square cloak when it's a rectangle.  Maybe it's an SCA name for it.  The Roman military called it a Sagum.  It was wool and dyed red and served as coak and blanket while on campain.  Tablet Weaving would have outlined the outside edges.

Anyway something to keep warm on a cold night while being a Anglo-Roman Persona.


materials from stash

I'll be good and it's all from stash!

1.5 yds 59" wide 100% linen IL-19 Royal Purple (  This is just the right amount to make the lining and the trim on the front.

3 cones of 100% linen yarn for trim

100% Teal Coating Wool:  61" long x 39.5" (Gypsy Caravan)

3-2-10 Made the trim today, two sets

Looks good on the linen.

inkle trim

Now I must come up with a design that goes on the purple stripe.

Something celtic with dogs or trees or both!

3-3-10  So today I drew out a sketch and blew up the design and put it on the materials
norse runes

OK, good thing I have enough wool, since I'm recutting it to these measurments:  66 x 48

The previous measurments are just a bit too short.

This means that I need more of the purple linen for the front.

The back lining will be Apricot(Rust) Linen, which was gifted to my by my Laurel who also recommended the above size.


The quote is from "Lost in Austin" Darcy's note to Amanda Price.

This actually goes quite well with runes, since the Norse used runes for memorials and such.

The Tree of my Arms, made into Norse like simplicity.  I may do both, white and green.  They will be done in 100% wool felt squares that I got on sale last year at JoAnn Fabrics.

Trees cut from 100% wool felt
turns out that the purple stripes were long enought for the new measusrments. I made a white tree since the stripe was longer and I needed to fill the space.  The trees will be couched down with a red wool twill or I'll blanket stitch them on.
The length is so long, I don't know if I should just make the runes larger or if I should add more felt symbols...will have to think about that today.  3-5-10  

Now to the order of assembly:

Sew the vertical purple to the horizontal using a diagonal seam

Sew the stripe to the wool

Place the felt and aplique it down

Make a template of the Runes and embroider

Sew the trim to cover the seams of the purple stripe

Sew lining to back

3-5-10, I've asked my Laurel if this is correct.  I'm waiting to hear from her.

Her Response, which basically says that I have the order correct.

So I have the purple miter sewn and now have to press it to the correct size.  Will not happen this weekend, I have family over for a weekend stay.

quote: "well with Fleigs  I basted on the linen strip then appliqued the strawberry leaves through both the linen and the wool,  then I added the stem stitched veins on the leaves through the leaves, linen and the wool base  then I added the lining  sewed most of the way around and left an opening to turn right side out.  Then  I did the decorative blanket stitches around all edges.

For Rorics  there is no lining,   I sewed the  red wool around the edge sewing two opposites sides first then the other two sided,  the silk is hand stitched down,  the embroidery of the runes  was transferred by the tissue paper method  drawing out the whole thing on tissue in black marker, then basting onto the cloak, removing the tissue paper then doing the embroidery"

So I cut the cloak down to 49" and I'm laying out the linen onto the wool. 

I've laid out the runes on graph paper to make them consistant and will transfer the design onto Solvy for embroidery


basted the linen on the wool Pined the elements on  and I'll sew everything down tomorrow.

I had thought to put another element in the corner, but I've decided against it and I'll see if I can make the runes longer so they take up more room on the bottom of the linen band.

Sewed the purple linen stripe down and all the elements of the trees.

pinned the inkle trim in place.

Embroidery will be the last item to do.
Sew lining on the back 3_12_10...done
Final step:  blanket stitch all around the edge. 3_13_10 finished!  I'm very happy with how it turned out.
viking square cloak

Viking Square Cloak

Works great and my Laurel said it was nice, more than once!


I had so much fun making this that I've volunteered to do the West/An Tir War Cloak for 2012!

I suprised my Laurel, but I got way too excited about the project.  I've got 2 years to do it too!  She had just approved it and I jumped in without consult.  oops!  but it's all good.         6-19-10


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