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Court of Catherine & Jade

Beltaine: stepping down May 2nd 2009

Come Beltane, Catherine will step down as Queen of the West. Time for new clothes!



Lets Make it SAXON



Saxon - Jade
Purple undertunic with guset underarms

Well not quite...I'm going to redo the cuffs and make them bigger for his large wrists..10"

Done 4_26_09

Now just the hem the cuffs and finish the little bits of seaming that need to be done.  Done 4_27_09

OK really finished 4_27_09
Saxon - Jade
Black Overtunic with custom embroidery
Pic tunic with guset fixed onto the bottom of the sleeve
Collar and 1/2 trim are in
collar with template
eagle is very cool

collar without template

I like how this turned out.

Cuffs arrived today and they look very good!


Still waiting for the hemline trim to be done.  I'm sure it will come this week.  Then I'll have everything.

I need to start on his Outer Tunic.  All Black Linen has been cut out.




OK Will be finishing up Catherine's and Must start on Jade's.

I have the whole weekend planned to do just that.  I'll not be able to finish, but he will not get his tunics till Beltane anyway, so no rush.

Hem embroidery is not ready yet anyway, Maybe Monday so by Wednesday (Earth Day) I should get them.

They are the last thing to go on anyway, so I'm not worried. yet.


Got up early this morning to work on Jades' Overtunic and found that I had not cut the body of the tunic very straight.  Also the dog had slimed the fabric at some time and I didn't want to wash this bit.  So I'm cutting out a whole new piece.

OK after thinking about it, I cannot waste a good piece of fabric.  Cleaned up the spots...and recut the fabric .

28.5" x 80"  all squared up now..

Finished body all way round is 54"

First I'll attach the upper sleeve.  I don't know why I decided to make this tunic in the pictish manner..I just can't do anything easy now adays.

Cut down the extra Ginger color linen around the embroidery.

Placed the embroidery on the black I must now find the right spot to aline the embroidery on the neckline.  This must be kept straight and even so it won't look wonky when worn.

Having some trouble making everything aline.  Part of the problem is that the embroidery has puckered the inside of the linen.  I had this issue with Catherine's collar as well. 

I'm going to have some breakfast with my daughter and come back full and ready to tackel this problem.

Tried to position the embroidery every which way and finally got one and sewed down the two pieces of linen....Now I have to cut it and I have to walk away for a little bit.  It's a point of no return and I'm way over thinking I know.

OK, just cut out the hole.  Fits over my head with my hair up in a bun, so it should be OK but will have my husband try it out when he comes back home.



Now for Sleeves.  I had to wash the blue lines out of the sleeve embroidery first, so I'm waiting for them to dry.  Then I'll position the embroidery on the top part of the sleeves to align them best.
How do I cut thee, let me count the ways:
Ironed the linen
Cut out around leaving lots of excess
and measured
and measured
and measured
sewed the seam
cut out the hole.  I could not go deep into the neckline as I had hoped.  It was just too tight and not enough seam alowance with the embroidery.  Next time I'll know how to design a keyhole neckline.

Today 4_19_09 I have planned:

Sew Sleeves...Done

Sew Embroidery to Sleeves....Mostly Done

Trim and sew the key hold neckline ....Nope

Ironed the sleeve emboridery
Positioned on the top of the sleeve & Sewn down.  Here is a preview, trim is not sewn down yet.
attach the bottom of the sleeve.  As you can see the pattern is very strange.  I can't find anything like it on the web under Pict or Pictish.  They are the people who lived in Scotland before the Scots came.
This is how I pinned the piece, then I cut off the triangles and sewed the gusset to the main body.  Finished off all the seam allowances by hand.
This is the only sleeve that comes close to what I'm doing on the sleeve/gusset.
It's the Romanian influence on Slovic and it's a coat.
Sew down the emboridery on the bottom sleeve  
Preview of what it should look like.
I've been putting it off, but I must cut the fabric around the embroidery and get it tacked down.  I don't like the rounded part around the eagle and will make it straighter.  Maybe tonight 4-21-09

Still to do: 

  • Trim around the cuffs
  • The Collar cut, sew & trim
  • Side Seams and hem
  • hem trim (should have by Wednesday or not)

Got the sewing done on the cuffs.

Trimed off some of the excess of the collar. Still trying to figure out the placement of the trim.


Today I really tried working from 8am to 9:15pm and didn't get enough done.

The Collar is sewn, but the trim is 1/2 way around

Sleeve gussets are sewn and all the inside seam allowances are done. 4_25_09

Still have the sleeve trim to attach and then the trim for the hem which is 3" too big and I really can't cut it without the pattern being noticible. 

I don't have much time to work on it tomorrow, daughter's birthday.  I must get this done somehow..I really don't know how....sigh.

Finally got the Hem Trims.  Ready to get tunic finished.  Only 4 days left.

A new morning (6:30am) and I'm working on finishing the trim around the collar. This is beautiful hand made inkle trim.  I need to learn how to make this myself.

I'm really liking the Saxon embroidery.

Pinned the front piece of embrodiery to the hem.

Used almost all the trim around the neckline.

6" short on the trim for the sleeves.  Can't do anythin about it...tried to space the opening as evenly as possible.  I'll try to fill in with my own embroidery stitches so it won't look too dorky.

I have nothing for the hem embroidery.

I'll have a lot of embroidery to do once all the existing trim is done.  However, I can't do it today, Daughter's request to have a walk on the beach with a picnic.

End of day:

Sleeves are finished except for the cuff edge hemming.

Collar is done.

Side Seams



all still left (Mon, Tues, Wed) afterwork to finish it.

Worked on the Undertunic - Mon 4-27
Tuesday 4_28_09  
The Plan:  Sew everything up and on

Side seams done & SA done

Hem on sleeves done & SA done

Cut the tunic to proper length done

Sewed the bottom of the trim to the bottom of the tunic.

Wednesday 4_29_09  

The Plan:  Finish Seam Allowences(done yesterday) & do embroidery on the hem trim.  Attach the top of the trim & hem the bottom of the Tunic

Must Finish.

It is now 11:23PM

Tunic is Done!

Thursday is for packing and doing the hem on my Saxon Tunic, if possible

Pack Car

Bring Checks



Give it to His Majesty Jade on May 1, 2009


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Jan. 2011  Yay!  He liked it enough to wear to a special knighting ceremony in Medford, OR


Looks like the purple undertunic was not his favoriate.


Catherine asked him to wear this for their coronation.  So nice of her.

He didn't wear the purple which would have made them match better.


He has worn this tunic several more times but not the undertunic...I'm guessing he does not like purple.   6-1-12




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