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Court of Catherine & Jade

Beltane: stepping down May 2nd 2009

Come Beltane, Catherine will step down as Queen of the West. Time for new clothes!



Lets Make it SAXON
She stepped up as Norse
So this is a good alternative



Saxon - Jade His Page
Saxon - Catherine Her Page


Back in October/November, someone got it into her head (looks away)to make clothes for their Majesties.  The idea first was to make a linen coat.  I shot that by Mistress Isela and she got very excited to make embroidered clothes.  OK that got me fired up as well.

emails flew back and forth, but we were busy with Her Royal Highness, Crown Princesses' Court and 12th night was looming on the horizon with it's multi-projects due.  However we did decide on the colors.  Black  & Purple.  I wanted to convey richness and Majesty with the colors.  I didn't think Catherine had a Purple Tunic (turned out I was wrong on that but...)

Jade doesn't like matching clothes, so I reversed the colors.

Catherine:  Black undertunic & Purple Overtunic

Jade: Purple undertunic & Black Overtunic


Seemed to be appropriate for both.
concept drawings
Black Undertunic
Purple Overtunic
Jade Undertunic
Jade Overtunic

Now what to embroider and the colors.  For that we got the help of Her Grace, Kaaren 

We went through various color schemes and came up with Ginger Linen for Jade and Black Linen for Catherine.

Yellow to make it all Pop and red as a contrast color.

I knew that Catherine has always wanted an embroidered collar, so I pulled from the book and got the pattern.  Her grace designed the elephant head which I wanted.


I did the double headed eagle and everyone liked it.  I got the pattern from the book and designed it from eels to eagles with the triqutras.

Simple and elegant for a man.

That he mighty shield warrior knows the distinction

between words and works

words from Beowulf picked by Isela

Note to self:  write a note to Catherine & Jade
Note to self:  Write Thank You's to all the helpers in this project.  TEN people in all.

OK should I ever do this again, I'll give myself a lot more time.

Trying to make two tunics in less than a month is not enough time.

I'm still working on his Majesty's clothes, at least her's are done.

I need to plan ahead much better.  Colors, design all done way in advance. 

Designs traced out and floss purchased for packets to embroiders again, way ahead of time.  That way if people are late you can bug them sooner.

Two Undertunics

Two Overtunics

4 pieces of clothing was very ambiguous


How to attach an embroidered collar to the body of a tunic or dress

Make a Template, the ratio is 1:3  with 1/2 seam allowance

a 1/4 seam allowance will give you a small opening.

Align the embroidery correctly on the tunic being sure to get placement 1/3 back 2/3 front using shoulder seam as the guide.  With wrong side of tunic to right side of the embroidery.  That is the embroidery is facing away from you.

1. center it between the shoulder seams.  Tricky part to get it straight and centered.

2. place template on embroidery and mark the cut out

3. Sew the stitching 1/4" from the cut line
4. Cut out the hole and turn the embroidery so it is now on top of the right side of the tunic
5. Cut out around the embroidery leaving 1/4" at the edge to clip and turn under.  Another tricky part, try to keep everything nice and even around the embroidery.
6. Using a very fine stitch, sew the embroidery down.
7.  It is best to use a small trim or embroidery stitch (like the blanket) around the seam of the embroidery.




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