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Court of Catherine & Jade

Beltaine: stepping down May 2nd 2009

Come Beltaine, Catherine will step down as Queen of the West. Time for new clothes!



Lets Make it SAXON
She stepped up as Norse
So this is a good alternative


Saxon - Catherine
Undertunic Black Linen


standard tunic


Had to make the underarm gusset 3 times to get a better fit.  Just on the left side. 
finished, just have to finish the seam allowance on the new gusset.
I set up my two sewing machines one with purple and the other with black.  This way, I can run back and forth regardless of which Tunic I'm working on.
This worked out great.  I just wish my old singer would sew a bit better without the bobbin hanging up from time to time.




Saxon - Catherine
Overtunic Purple linen
Put together the pieces on the long seams and attached the sleeves.
Coats & Clark thread: 3690 100%egypt cotton for the gold Coats & Clark: 7450 100%egypt cotton
The collar , Cuffs & Trim all came in!
attach the collar first

measure the sleeves and attach the cuffs

cuff should have 5" of the undertunic showing

add the hand made trims
Done 4-12-09  Happy Easter
Hand sew trim to collar
Sew Sleeve Seam using French seams so I don't have to hand finish seam allowances.
Done 4_15_09  just the trim to tack down nicely to do.
Side Seams

starting to come together now (preview)


Worked on the Tunic 4-11-09
Cuffs sewn down
I'll add a bit of color embroidery to the black undertunic.  Cuff will also be set off by tw rows of inkel weaved trim in yellow & purple.
I sewed a purple edge allong the bottom of the cuff, it turns up and covers the inside of the embroidery.
Positioning the collar took away a number of years on me in worry, but it's done.  4-9-09  Sewn & Fliped over to the outside.  I worked at getting the black around as even I as could, then cliped and sewed it down.

Now I have to get the black down and looking as even as I can get it. Got it sewn down and the trim applied.

Cuffs are done as well.

The neckline goes over my husbands head and he has the largest head of anyone I know, so it should fit her fine.   4-12-09

Now for this week, I have to sew up the sleeves and side seam and hem. 

Overtunic will be done...on to Jade's for next weekend.

Cuff trim was done on machine to save time
trim around the collar was done by hand for better control
hand sewed the trim down around the collar
Sleeves still need to be sewn
I have all the seams sewn.....yay!  4-15-09
Front of tunic
Only the hem to do and to tidy up little threads.

The Back

I pined the hem line.  Why do I always make some little mistake...  The Tunic will sit about 2" above the black but the hem allowance will only be 3/4" rather than a deeper one of 1"
All the bits are cliped and the hem is done.
Now a tiny bit of red embroidery to do and it will all be finished.  I should read my one web pages....I totaly forgot about this piece of trim and had to sew it on yesterday...all done now!

All Done except I need to Iron the linen.

I think she will look very Royal in it.  I like the trim along the bottom.  I just didn't have the time to make a black strip of fabric along with it, but your eye goes toward the face with this design.



I'm giving it to her tomorrow on Earth Day 4-22-09


She was very happy to receive the clothes and after reading my little somwhate sentimenal note there were a few tears of joy as well.  It was real sweet and rewarding.

I just hope it fits her OK.  It should but...


Yes it fit & his fit!!  Happy Dance.




She loves the dress.  Very Royal.

Catherine looked very Royal on 12th Night when she was crowned a 2nd time as Queen

Jan. 2011



Follow the progress







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