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October Crown 2009

What a difference a year makes.  I'm going solo to Crown since Faelan is no longer my consort.  I think he may be fighting, but I don't know whom he'll fight for.  I found out from Catherine that he will not be a Crown.  At least as of yesterday.

This will be the place where I'll have my apprentice/protégé ceremony.  I'm trying not to get nervous about it.  I was not going to make a special gown for it and use my Saxon one, but since I have a lot more free time being unemployed, I took from my stash and started on a dress.

The linen is from  This is THE place to purchase good quality linen (made in Russia).

Italian Dress - Florence

5 yards of terra-cotta linen

1 yard of chocolate linen




Back lace up

box pleat the shirt to the bodice

  This Caplet started it all.  I found out the pin I'm using is the symbol of Italian Royalty.

I cut out the bodice in 3 layers.  The Terra-cotta & white linen/cotton for the outer layer and the ginger linen for the lining of the bodice.

Here is the terra-cotta and the white linen/cotton sewn together.

A white cord at the end is the reinforcement for the lacing holes.


Bodice sewn with the brown trim.

Box pleats will be used to gather the skirt to the bodice.  This is just a preview.
A preview of the bodice and skirt with the chocolate trim at the waist & hem line.


This is how I laid out the hem trim for the skirt.


Sewing the chocolate trim to the skirt.  I'm thinking I can also do the hem at the same time since the skirt is all panels of the same length.

Any adjustments will be done when I sew the skirt to the bodice.

Going to see District 9 an early show today. Peter Jackson is the Ex. Producer and the critics liked the movie too. 


I need to decide if I'm going to make a chemise for this dress or use an existing one....color choices...hmmm.

  I'm going to mark and finish the hem.  Any adjustments will be made at the waistband (which is really an empire height)   It took me about 3 hrs to hand sew the trim band yesterday so I expect the same amount of time for the which movie to watch while doing that.

Also, I'm going to use lacing rings rather than eyelets, so that I can adjust the size as I lose weight. Lost 5 lbs so far.  unemployment is good for my health at least.  Still no word from any of my employment submissions.

I made box pleats about 1" and pinned like crazy around.  It was still way too big to fit the bodice.  I took out every other one and hid the material behind the box pleats.  Pretty good then.  I lined up the seams.  1 width for the front and one panel each for the back.  I'll have double the amount of skirt in the back than the front. 

Sewed the top of the skirt and I had a very hard time keeping the box pleats together.  I used a zigzag stitch and I didn't want to break any needles.  So I lost a lot of the box pleats.

Sewing the skirt to the front to make neat seam and will then hand sew the lining to the skirt inside.

The hem line is just pinned right now.

with flash no flash
The Camicia  
white gauze 3 5/8 Yd's of 50" wide  
I used Jen Thompsons instructions to make the Camicia
sewed the 1/2 gusset to the sleeve  
sew sleeves to body  
sew the outside seams...all using french seams
I cut a 3.5" wide strip about 50" long to make the band around the neckline. I used the gathered method.  I didn't have much fabric to make this and it's just enough with the body a little tight around the legs.
  So I've decided to hem the sleeves wide open.  Italian working women would roll them up and tie them back out of the way.  But when in a fancy party, would have an over sleeve to again, tie on.
you can see the sleeve of the camicia is rolled over the good sleeve This women doesn't even have any sleeves over her camicia
different kinds of over sleeves fancied material for the over sleeves
hair in a net & a thin partlet over the shoulders

To Do List:


  • hem
  • sew lacing rings
  • hook & eyes
  • lining finish
  • Sleeves


  • whip stitch band down
  • trim out cuff
  • hem


I hope to lose weight so I decided to use lacing rings rather than holes.  I used hook and eye to close the rest of the back.  My model is smaller than I am right now and so there are gaps which will not be the case when I have it on.  only the hem to finish now.    8-26-09

I made a necklace and earrings for the outfit with my heraldic colors of green over silver/white.  I know that 'in period' they did not have all these faceted glass but I like the bling.

The large bead is vintage.

I got the pearls last year at the bead show.  They are cultured.

9-16-09 Spent most of the day doing the hem and I'm about 1/2 way around the more than 170" of it...whew!  
Friday Night Dinner We'll go out to eat. Set up flyers on the privies for the Guild Meeting and Catherine met with the Heralds to make an announcement as well.   Then we left the site and went to have dinner at Applebee's.  I stayed with beer since that's what I had been drinking.  Wonderful dinner but I was nervous, thinking about the following day.

Saturday Night Dinner

italian florence

taken at Great Western War 2009

The photos taken at my ceremoney made me look awful fat.

Lunch will be from the coolers. 

After Finals, before Chiv meeting (I hope) will have the quick ceremony: apprentice/protégé  I have to say something and I can't come up with a speech.  I want KISS, so I'll just go from some notes.

Roric and Jade missed my ceremony since they had Chiv meeting right away.  Kern and Asher were the fighters there and Her Excellency Seyle as well as my "sisters" Her Grace Kaaren, Mistress Isela and Thiea (who is a Pel) and also the "head" of our line: Mistress Jania with her dog Megan.  Several other ladies that I had met for the day.

I got so many gifts!! A Mantel, A Tablet Woven Belt both of green & gold.  Spangles, scissors, a scissor charm, needlecase of metal, 3 gold needles, an embroidered napkin with my badge, lots and lots of roses (40), chocolate truffles and peanut brittle and Mimosas. 

I don't exactly remember what I said, but hoped that I would give more than I took and did household, principality and kingdom proud.

Dinner the household has been invited to partake from Count Leon's household.  His lovely wife Murel has been working on this for a week!

OMG, she had so much food and it all tasted great, hand made sauces, tri-tip, sourbraughten, ravioli and german cookies plus hot wild rice and salad..Wonderful.

What a great day, even if I did get sunburned.

Now I'm owned..

Write Up

October Crown 2009

Ed Levin Park is only 30minutes away, so I'll be day tripping it.  Isela will spend the night at my house and go up with me and Catherine.

I wore the Caplet and it was fine till the sun went down and we were watching Court and the wind came up and boy did it get cold!  I can't believe we watched for as long as we did.  Afterwards, we found Catherine by the fire (yes, that is why she is a Laurel..j/k) and we got warm ourselves.

Mongol Coat Just in case it's real cold otherwise I'll wear the Caplet,we are in the middle of a mini heat wave...I'm glad I have linen and loose chemise.  It think it will come in handy.
The Giornea

3 yards of cotton brocade

washed and ready to use. 5-5-10

An italian Overcoat

I have 3 yards of this fabric, but it's almost 60" wide.  I think it will be enough. It does not have any sleeves nor is it sewn up the sides, just a shoulder seam.

It can be worn loose, belted in just the front or belted all way round.  I guess it was to keep your gown clean.

I made my Elizabethan Loose Gown from this fabric for a Win!  2012

giornea fabric



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