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Mists Bardic 2009



I'm wearing the Anglo Saxon Dress worn at June Crown.  The Underdress is a bit tight, I think all the washing I did with hot water and bleach made it so.  I can still get it on though.

Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Dress  Anglo Saxon Back of Dress
  The Competition will be for the new position of Bard of the Mists.  Should be fun to see the compitions.  It's 5 rounds of talent.
Feast Dinner

Reference to Roman Myths


The menu is as follows:

First course:
Assorted fresh fruits (2 kinds of grapes)
Custard rather squares of nuts & dates
Morsels of Marzipan (like little green apples)
Pizza (green sugar)
Sausage cooked in wine (dry but tasty)

Second course:
Roasted chicken, served with cut lemon and sugar above (very good)
Pies of tuna (not so tasty)
Tortellini of peas (this was pretty good too)
Stuffed leaves of cabbage (interesting taste, cabbage was not cooked)
Stuffed cutlets of beef (thin and dry)

Third course:
Bolognese herb tart
Tourte of artichokes (this was very good)
Crostate with prosciutto or cheese (these were very good like brushetta)
Roasted pork with onions (The very best, juicy and tender)
Sour cherry sauce (excellent with the pork)

Fourth course:
Little pastries of peaches (these were yummy)
Walnuts in wine
Pears and apples and cheese (dried fruit)

Confits and candies


Rose de La Mans is the Cook so we will see. She had Ann, Constance help her as well as several other cooks.

The food came out to our table warm and they cooked without the gas stovetops, they used the ovens and portable cooktops....kudos to them!







Water, Diet Coke & Frambroise
  3 assorted cheeses :  Gouda w/Walnuts and White Stilton w/Apricots were the favorites.  I didn't open the Castello Blue, Catherine didn't want to try it.
  smoked almonds
  2 kinds of crackers
Conclusions The hall was hot, uncomfortably so.  Food was good.  Only two competators and not very many people came.
  The most unusual thing:  Ysabella Dolfin has been bared from the West during the rest of the reign of Queen Ellis and King Titus....I wonder what she did?
  Santiago's rendition of Rules of the SCA were hi-larious!



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