Adventures in the S.C.A.
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Jingles 2008

I was assigned to Catherine in the Morning.  We got to the event at noon and they were pretty much still setting up everything.  Got all of Catherine's things from the car and had her chair set up by Faelan. 

I was able to take several classes, wire jewelery making (much fun, but I already lost my braclet), Theia made me take the Helgi Bead class (made a black bead) and consorting 101. Where a knight (Connol?) said to the young fighters, pick an older more experienced consort, while he spoke to me directly!  Yikes!  I can't help that I'm new.  Basically he said I was a liability.  Pick a consort that his a lot of experience is what he said.  (like what Roric did with Catherine I guess)  I knew next to nobody at that table.  I had to speak up and say what I thought a consort was and what it meant to prep, I had to wing it and no doubt sounded dumb.

Food was started very late, I think it was after 5pm when the appetizers came out.  We then had a long wait for the 2nd course of shrimp sausage, chicken with a date sauce and beef sausage with currents.  I'm not a fan of cold shrimp sausage...but Theia LOVED each his own.

Then they had court....Big day for Jocelyn...Called into court and knelt before they Highnesses Roric and Syele as they gave me an award:  Award of Arms!.....Yay

Thorgrim, also was awarded his AoA, which I think was way overdue since he's been playing for years and years.

Third course did not get served, we had to clear out of the hall before 10pm.  Mostly got that done and left.  Home by 11:15.

Photos to follow (12/ 8/08)

I finally got the photos of my AoA  
This was a very special time for me.  It's my very first award.  





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