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Review of Inkle Looms

All these looms can be used for Card Weaving as well.


My first loom October Crown 09 and the one that I learned on January 2010.  It's outstanding and well designed....made by Beka in the USA

After several years and many yards of weaving, still great!

Beka Loom made in the USA.  Makes 97" worth of trim at a time.

Sturdy and I really like the tensioning system.  Made of Maple Hardwood


inkle loom

Don't know the brand on this inkle loom, it's on loan to me.  (ed: it is made by Psaltry Dreams) Made 67.5 inches on this loom.  Not a lot but enought for neckline or sleeves.  The pegs on this are way way too big and it makes it difficut to warp.  5-3-10

Pegs this large are great on a floor loom, but these little minis don't require the hugh tension the larger looms require.

Tiny Tiny weaving space, you weave an inch or two then advance....very tiresome.


Fenniwig Loom:   This loom is real tiny.  I'm not fond of the tension knob either.  The tension on this loom can get very tight and there is not a lot of room to lessen it.  Makes about 57" max.  It is very portable, however.

Weaving space is good, but the tensioning paddle sucks.



Thomas Creations Loom

Thomas Creations Loom.  Nice folk while you are in the process of purchasing, but didn't get any answers when I had a questions about the pegs and getting additional I gave up trying to contact them.

The pegs have to be glued in, they said that you didn't have to do that as the screws would hold them....wrong.  The pegs have to be glued in to give them stability, but even that they bend...a lot with tension on them.

2 tension bars is a good thing with this loom.

6 yards, so good milage on that score too, but the loom is wimpy on it's legs and the whole thing will twist.  OK maybe I'm stronger than the average weaver, but I want a strong loom. 

Owned      8-2010    
inkle loom

Schect Loom

Good but not up to the standards of the Beka.  A very good beginner weaver loom.

I got this one at a Southern Shores Auction and paid full price, but didn't have taxes and I got a shuttle with it.  A 20% discount then.

Pegs are sturdy and you can get 90" of weaving, lots of weaving room.  I just don't prefer the tension bar in front.

Owned  12-2010 Sold to Friend for $30.00  
mini inkle loom


My Big Bargan..$5.00 for this loom which is 18" long and 8" High  Purchased as the SCA Yard Sale at coronet.  While this loom as some problems, it works and is very portable.

I've made small inkles on this loom, 25"  great for shirt or cap ties.

Can't complain for this cost

Owned  6-2011    
pine inkle loom

I put this loom together at a loom workshop.  It's very sturdy but doesn't make the yardage.  As a matter of fact it makes almost the same amount as the Beka.  The tension bar is in the middle which make warping difficult.  I think it needs more pegs.  The front peg is too high, so I have to tilt the loom to weave.  Not a biggie problem, just saying.

The kit was $25.00 for the pine.  All the boards were pre-cut and the dowels and holes pre drilled.  We just put the pegs in and sanded down the wood.

Well worth the money, as the cost went up to $50.00 I think on the next workshop.  Had great fun.

This is not my ideal loom and I'd change up a lot of things to make it better and more efficient.

owned 4-4-2011    
ash loom

Purchased this handmade loom today for $40.00 plus trim.  From a man who's been working on it for over 2 years.  It's really beautiful and worth the wait.  I thought he was going to build it to the standard size of a table loom, but this one is larger and will make a longer warp. Looks like it will do about 145"  or 4 yards which is perfect amount for a man's tunic or coat.  So, I'm sorry my friend, you are going to get the Schact Loom and not this one.

Made of Ash with cherry dowels.  Have not tried it yet.

OK, I must be very picky, but I have an issue this this loom, which I relied to the maker.

The heddle bar to too far forward, it's location makes for only  10" of weaving when it could be way more at least 15".  The back bar is set at an angle so the line for the open heddle threads makes them rest on the 2nd dowel.  The length between the 2 dowel is not the distance to make the heddles. (not big defects but I'm picky)

Beautiful woods are used and they have a wonderful finish.  Very sturdy and well balanced.  The distance between the feet is great and this large table loom will fit on a small table and doesn't move around while you weave.    34" l x 14" h

Owned  7-7-12    
Floor Loom

So I'm in a barter for another loom, this one to my specifications.  I want mega yardage from it  (10 yds plus)

It will be made from Oak.  It will have 2 tension bars.  Heavy duty pegs and feet.  Sturdy is the key for a big loom like this.

He will receive a period hand sewn German Shirt (hemd) with period blackwork on the collar and cuffs.

Due Date is 12th Night