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More Inkles

Beka Loom made in the USA.  Makes 97" worth of trim at a time.

Royal Crochet Thread 100% cotton Size #10

Black & Green (Forest Green #0449)


I learned from Iulitta on Sunday 1/17/10 and I felt like a fish in water!  It just seems so easy and fun to weave.

I made 3 sets of Red & Black which I gave to Catherine. Part of this went on Jade's Fighting Tunic! 11/2010


Pearl Cotton #5 Blue (930) & Silver (415) 

to Go on Anglo Saxon Dress around the neckline

Inkle has been used in England from the 1500s

In 1545: "pieces of white unckle for girdles and lates (laces" were purchased for 7d.


In 1567: one penny paid for "white incle to make synes in books."

don't know what a synes is perhaps a bookmark.


Needless to say, it's period. [ I need to revise this statement, as we have not found any inkle in extant garments yet. 6.13.11]

It is a tabby weave.  Only the weft shows. 



Today I made a belt by combining the two patterns that I know.

Black #10

Green #3 (the 3 is a larger softer twist and not as good as the 10)

I'm consistent in the length..97"


Given to Catherine

same thread but a different pattern & color Green & Brown.  I may like this better. 1-24-10  
I like that I can make up my own pattern and get it done in a day.    
Made with DMC #5 pearl Cottons Using a different color for the warp shuttle produces an interesting edge.  Given to Catherine [she is using it on her gray apron dress]  
Small trim made with sweedish linen 3 colors Used on Faelen's Tunic  
It really bugs me when a pattern is written up wrong. As with this pattern.  I noticed most of her patterns are a-symetrical.   
strap made with 100% linen. Used on the haversack.  

A belt for my daughter.  She wanted Warm Teal & Black.

I have to get a buckle and then it will be done.

some trim made of linen  
another Strap for a haversack, got used on Sleeve Trim of Faelen's Tunic. 2-2-10 and I've made more than 20 yards of trim  
made another 1/4" trim.  I really like this pattern.  I now have enough trim for a gown.  Something with a big skirt so I can dance in it!  
Rather than working on my Haversack yesterday.  I made trim, over 7 yards of it...I got carried away.  Made two lengths of blue and white which I will give to the principality for largess and this checked pattern.  This went to Princess Gillian and she gave me her Princess Favor.  
So I made the pattern symetrical.  I double checked the warp and I made it just like the pattern, but it does not give a finished product like weird.  I'll have to read the book I have rather than scan it like I normally do.  2-17-10  
This is the thread that I use.  Get it at Michael's in the crochet section.  

Catherine is making a red fighting tunic.

Another Trim & it's pattern 100" worth


Made from Euro-flax in sport weight yarn, which was given to me. 

I'm also giving her the trim below.  Small and made with 1 thread linen 100%. 

A good trade I think.                                                2-20-10

2-21-10 today I tried my hand at Tablet Weaving.    
Made a bit of trim for my Squarecloak.    
Made some pink-cream-black trim as well.  Over the weekend I taught my friend how to warp her loom and started her on the road to inkle!                                 3-2-10  


4-22-10 narrow trim made, for around the collar. I made 103" worth more than enough to go round.  
5-3-10 linen-cotton thread inkle loom  
  Don't know the brand on this inkle loom, it's on loan to me.  (ed: it is made by Psaltry Dreams) Made 67.5 inches on this loom.  Not a lot but enought for neckline or sleeves.  The pegs on this are way way too big and it makes it difficut to warp.  
Fenniwig Loom:   This loom is real tiny.  I'm not fond of the tension knob either.  The tension on this loom can get very tight and there is not a lot of room to lessen it.  Makes about 57" max.  It is very portable, however. feniwig-mini-loom  
So Far, My BEKA Loom is the absolute best!    
Pick Up Technique    
spotted background inkle

I really like this pattern.  Warping the loom is very different from what I had learned, Open/Heddle warp.  This pattern calls for two Open/Open then Open/Heddle warp...weird but I totally love the results.

I didn't write down the pattern. That was dumb.


From my Laurel: 

"that is just gorgeous  in  just the black and white."

Happy dance!

red gold trim

OK this trim is real nice, the gold is great giving the trim a bit of bling! Fit for Royalty.  Went into the Oerthan Gift Basket.




Since I'm giving these two away, I made another to keep.

Given to Oerthan gift basket, 2010.

inkle trim  
Next step is to learn how to do pick ups.  So I can weave a design or letters! [I can do this with Tablet Weaving now]    
I've tried to do pick up but I'm doing something wrong and will have to have someone teach it to me.    
I've ordered a floor loom which will be made for me and should be ready by the end of August.    It's being made by Thomas Creations.  Will keep you posted on how it works out.    
Teaching a class in Inkle this weekend.  Will let you know about those results as well. Had 5 students and a lot of fun.  I think everyone "got" the technique.  
4th of July  
some trim with a new design (Going to Estrella 2010) Strap for 4th of July     (given to Catherine)           7-2-10  
inkle trim linen trim  

made this called Greek Key, but I don't think it looks like one

Given to Oerthan gift basket

Made this out of 100% linen (it's why it's fuzzy) I think it will work for some Apron Straps needed on a green dress for my Laurel's friend.   This is the first weaving made on my new floor loom.       7-21-10  
inkle straps inkle trim for Catherine  
apron dress trim    
my Laurel is making a viking dress and she needed trim for her dress.  Here is the trim for the straps.  A tiny hint of gold in it.

A larger trim to go on the body of the dress.  She really liked it.

All done 9-19-10 at Faelen's Workshop

inkle trim

This is two trims side by side.  Makes an interesting pattern.


  Siranna haversack  

At the laurel vigil for Dutchess Kara, Mistress Siranna asked Catherine to make a donation to an auction.

I supplied the wool for the haversack.

1.25" wide and 57" long

My laurel is making the haversack and I made the strap and supplied the wool.. The background is the lining fabric.  
haversack strap

All done and ready to go to the auction.  It will take place at 12th Night.  I think it should have gone on facebook they would have a much larger audience. 

update:  I didn't go to the event due to a death in the family, but Catherine thinks it went for $60.00

Queen Guard's Favors

I'll be making the favors for the guards.  Red white & blue 1 3/4" wide and 18" long

20 Count

By 12th night

3 special for

Captain of the Guard
Knight's Councler
Queen's Champion


I've used 2 balls of blue and one each of red & white

This is taking some time to do....12 done so far   9-13-10



Here is the pattern.  Total made 21 to Her Royal Highness.















Photo taken 6-28-11

Here is the loom warped with the favors. All done before 11-1-10

About the loom.  If I had to do it over again, I WOULD NOT BUY THIS LOOM! [Note: see 6-28-11]

The problem is that although pretty, it is not nearly sturdy enough.  The pegs bend, even when they are glued and screwed in.  I cannot tighten the tension pegs tight enough to keep the warp from getting loose.  It is the cheapest loom on the market and you get what you pay for.  Another thing is that the base is not steady, the whole loom wobbles.

All in all, I cannot recommend this loom for weavers.


5-14-11 All the above problems still exist, but I put some wood glue on all the pegs that were loose and that has helped a lot.  The tension pegs are still crap in my opinion.  I cannot tighten them all the way down, so they will not stay tight.  It works for small inkles.

12-13-10  Got a call and I need to make more favors.  She miss counted.  I'll try to make 3 more, but I'm going to warp the small inkle loom, so I'll make however many I can do on that loom

5-15-11 just got an email:  while Gregory was in Cambodia  he was in the King of Cambodia's palace and my Queen's guard favor,  yes Jocelyn the one you wove,  currently  resides forever in the Grand Court  of the Kings Palace.  Gregory had permission to place it there and also told deeds of courage and honor etc,  with the guards of the palace.

So my weaving is International and on display at the King Palace, Cambodia!!

6-28-11 OK I think I've misjudged this loom.  I had asked if I just screwed the pegs in if that was sufficient to weave and I was told yes....Well THEY WERE WRONG!  I finally glued all the pegs everything and it's so much better.  The pegs are not bending from the tension and the inkle is looking so much better.  Check it out!

Photo taken 6-28-11


finished making an additional 4 favors.  These are much better in quality because the tension was better.



This is largess for the Mists to be given at Investiture for the new Prince & Princess of the Mists. Given to Mikolaj de Bracy and Vittoria Aureli.


Well this is cool, Princess Vittoria gave the trim to the new Harbenger of the Mists fighter at Mists Coronet Sunday, John the Hessian.  When she give it to him, she even mentioned my name...very unusual!  Very nice.


And I gave some blue & white to: Marc & Patricia while they were Prince & Princess of the Mists.

Kern is going to become a squire in March 2011

I'm making him a pair of Russian Pants and this trim for his tunic.  Catherine is making the tunic of Red linen.  The undertunic will be gold and both with black accents.  Thus, the colors.  I'm making 120+ inches and it will go along the hem of the tunic and the cuffs of the sleeves.  started 11-24-10    finished 11-24-10  143" (almost 4 yards)

OK saw what this looks like on the tunic and it's very striking.  He's going to love it.


This trim is going in the Estrella gift basket.  Hope it goes to a Green Bay Packers fan.  126 inches finished.



New Loom Schacht with shuttle

Won at auction for $5.00 less than list price and a free shuttle and no taxes or shipping charges, so I got a bargan of at least 20% if I purchased new.

Now I have at least 2 portable looms to teach with and I hope to get a few more for classes.


inkle loom  
my trim

First trim woven on the new loom.  Made from 100% linen 16/2 from sweeden.  I really like this linen, it's hardly fuzzy super easy to work with.  Made 199", so I can use it on a skirt.



built my own loom on Sunday.  What a great workshop when you get to finish the object and have it useful.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and there were no grumblings.  4-4-11


made this trim and hope it gets used on Catherine's Rose Pouch!

made on the new loom.

1/2" wide and 76" long


wide inkle strap

So the maker of the Rose Pouch, wanted off white rather than green and 1" side.  Here is version 2.  1.25" wide and 76" long Off white, brown and the hint of blue in the center.  I like the pattern.4-5-11

The band looks great on the pouch inkle band on rose pouch  

I really enjoy making Inkle and I'm getting a lot of demand made for my work which is rewarding.

I love designing up my own patterns and yes, it's been a learning experience but I've learned so much and now I'm teaching others.

At A & S I had 3 students take the Class and they got it great with nice work from their looms.  I told them, a handmade trim is better than a store bought one!


Most of the fun is the design process, picking out colors and watching the inkle bands come off the loom!  
My Goal next year...Teach Pick Up Technique! [7-10-12 update, I didn't teach any weaving this year as I had a request to teach embroidery blackwork sweet bags.  However I did learn how to do Inkle Pick Up Technique! ]  

7-3-11 Stash Trim

stash trim

My Big Bargan..$5.00 for this loom which is 18" long and 8" High  Purchased as the SCA Yard Sale at coronet.  While this loom as some problems, it works and is very portable.