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Court of Catherine & Jade

Estrella War  February 17 - 20, 2011




It was interesting but I'm not sure I got the full experience. 

We went down on Thursday, beautiful day arrived on site at 4:00pm and met a wonder women, she was wonderful and a wonder woman, who was assigned to help the Royals. Did some shopping

Friday: Got to go to the Royal Party that night.  Got to go shopping and got lots of goodies. 

Saturday started out beautiful and the Queen, whom I'm the Deputy Head of Court for walked the troups out. Another person was 'on duty' so I went off to take some photos from above, then walked down to go to the Queen, by way of the Merchants Row...did some more shopping!

Yup!  Got a Fox Fur, called Moonlight.


Then the winds started to rise and you could see a big brown cloud headed our way.  It was a dust storm (apparently typical in Arizona)  I stayed at the merchant tent and it hit.

I had to help hold the tent down, many tents were blown down or had poles break or canvas tear.  I waited a good 1/2 hr - 45 minutes then the winds started to die down a little (30mph gusts)

Fox Fur from Cat's Eye, Inc.

They are in Nebraska and the fox is from Canada.  They purchase the extra pelts that were not made into fur coats.

My fox has a tiny blush of rose, which complements my skin tone.  I tried several till I found this one.  Tail is bushy and full.  The fur is so very very soft.  length is 54" I'm real happy with this purchase....well all of them really.

Roman/Anglo Saxon drinking Glass, hand blown

Made by Aelfgifu Verch Morgan


Fibula from Raymond's Quite Press, based on an extant roman england one found in the Midlands.
Fibula from Crafty Celts

Rock Crystal pendent

small drinking cup, 4 - 6 oz and light weight

my favorite potters:  Reannag Teine


The winds blew on and off for several hours.  I found the Queen and stayed with her for the rest of the day.  When it started to rain, everything got cancelled and we went back to the Hotel.

No Grand Court, No West Kingdom Party...but I was nice and warm in a great bed.  No Problems from me.

Will I go next year?  Probably not, the total cost of the trip was over $1,300.00 (If I started saving now!!)(and I split the room fee & the car rental; so I'd need to go with someone)


The shopping was not what I expected.  People had built it up as something extra special and I don't think it was that. Granted I got to Raymonds and the Fur Folk, but that was pretty much it, the other merchants come to at least Great Western War.
3200 were in attendance...down from 6 - 8K in years past.  





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