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I've been practicing my stitches.  Mostly the stem or outline stitch.  I made two napkins on red linen of a Rose pattern


sold in auction for $15.00 6-2008
I've volunteered to make a scissor case by 12th Night 2009.  I'm working out a pattern for it.  I'll use some linen that I have in stash since it is only 5.5" square.


I've made a Celtic Hound.  The thing is I was using the wrong technique.  I'd asked a lot of people including a laurel and no one asked me how I was doing the stitch.  Interesting, I made up a new embroidery stitch.  The problem is it doesn't look all that great.
celtic Hound

Another practice piece which will go on the yellow kirtle.  It's a small piece.  My stitches are still too big.

Using 100% linen from, color is grapevine green and cotton DMC #727

OK, so this was wrong too, you stitch the outline down using large basting stitches then pull the tissue paper out I did, stitch on the tracking paper.

Cuffs for Faelan's Outer Tunic.  Two layers of fused linen for support.  This gold will go on a green tunic. 


Oct 2008

Haversack for the Princess of Oertha - 12th Night  Finished

Jan 2009

Green & Purple felt for the haversack and #5 perl cotton for the embroidery of her arms.

Rose Napkin

For the Queen to give to a Lady of the Rose



Celtic Needlecase

Service Project for WK needleworkers largess to the kingdom

2010 12th Night

Blackwork Needlecase

Service Project for WK needleworkers largess to the kingdom

2010 12th Night

Napkin 55%linen & 45% Rayon

stitched with linen floss white on one side and green on the other side.

for me

Goldwork Classes  

Apprentice job: Viking Haversack


I made 2 napkins for the household as largess

never did get a thank you for this work


household napkins

Blackwork Coif

June 2010

blackwork pattern

Book Cover in Bayeux Style



bayeux colors

Reliquary Pouch

German Brick Stitch


colors of silk

embroidered Pouch

Service Project for WK Needleworkers

Cancer Research Auction

sold $30.00


Favor for La Prova Dura

my argent tree and my vert tree, also JR in Gothic style

Top: Vincit Veritas means Truth conquers all

don't know colors but it's from stash...In Progress


Finished 3-10-11

favor in progress

finished up this embroidery.  My badge on black linen

DMC cotton thread


Badge on Haversack badge embroidery

Duchess Linen for Catherine





West AnTir War Cloak



Blackwork Smock

A & S winner 2012 June


blackwork collar

Royal Napkin

12th Night January 2013 to Ob and Ascelin: King and Queen of the West

For the winners of October Crown 2012 due 12th Night  Ob and Asceline want largess napkins

his napkin


A & S 2012 class

Largess project for 12th Night 2013 from the WK Needleworkers Guild

Rose Pouch

For Etain, Queen of the West 2013

For the Queen of March Crown 2013 due June Crown for Pergatorio step down Will go to Queen Etain

rose pouch 2013

Man's Shirt 

Due 12th Night 2013 as part of a barter for a large loom


blackwork shirt

Arming Coife  arming coife design





Future Projects  








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