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Court of Catherine & Jade

Coronation:  January 3rd 2009

Beltaine: stepping down

October Crown 2008, Duke Jade won the crown for my dear friend Catherine Lorraine.

She has asked me to be apart of her court and I feel very privileged to be apart of it.  this is only my 2nd year in the SCA and it will be very exciting times for me.  So I'm now a Lady of the Court!

The Court is Norse.  Of course I have nothing Norse or Saxon.


So I'm looking at these two styles, but I think both are just undergowns.  An apron dress goes on top.  I'll just see what I can whip up that will pass.

using the simple squared and triangles I made up a pattern
sewed it together using french seams

finished the edges of the sleeve top (neckline area)

placed the lower edge of the sleeve to the top of the body piece

sewed 1st pass to keep them in place (front & back separately)

pinned the long gore piece in..  since I had one gore piece in two pieces and one not, I sewed a seam line up the one that didn't have a seam.  Both looked alike now.

sewed the first pass of the sleeve seam starting from  edge of cuff to underarm.  both sleeves

finished the 2nd pass of sleeves (I think I would change this next time)

sewed the first pass of the gore seams (I'd do this first next time)

sewed the second pass.


The tricky part is where all the seams meet up at the underarm area.  Just be careful not to sew over a seam you shouldn't

Back side
Apron Dress

hem needs to be done and the straps attached.

lots of inside seam allowances to be finished.

3 straight panels

3 gores

all of equal distance and size.

Total sewing time was about two days worth.

If I could figure out how to do french seams on the gores it would be totally finished by now.


Boots from Target for $22.00  Ugg imitations, very comfy
10_26_08 Finished
I'm using Fibula's rather than Oval Brooches Fibula are large safety pins
Jocelyn the in Finnish
I still can't believe that Norse Women only wore Apron Dresses





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