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Court of Catherine & Jade

Beltane: stepping down May 2nd 2009

Come Beltane, Catherine will step down as Queen of the West. Time for new clothes!

Plus I need something myself.


Lets Make it SAXON  
She stepped up as Norse & will step down as Saxon  
Catherine's Clothes & Jades Clothes  


My Frist Saxon Dress

a little dark, but I only had 3 yards of the Cherrywood Linen.

Accent color blue bonnet 1 yds


First time I made a contrasting collar
Color on the cuffs as well and along the hem.

It was so very wet on site, the hem got wet at leat 18" up.

Simple retangular pattern


gussetts under the arms


Finished the dress last night with bits of embroidery around the neckline and the top of the cuffs. Just a simple button hole stitch.
Will drive up in my car and follow Isela and Catherine in the other car.  Catherine has lots of boxes to give to Constintina, Her Royal Highness, who will be the new Queen of the West come tomorrow.
We got everything in one car.  I didn't have to drive.
Taking the Red Tudor & the Black Italian

We are staying at a Hotel so no camping gear

Feast Gear



Cooler with Cyder & Sodas plus all the dinner extras.



Wool square cloak (it's actually a rectangle) made from 2yds of cammel color wool.  A gift from Faelan

Faelan gave me two books from the Complete Anacronist:

Blackwork &

Early clothes

I did manage to get my head in a few shots from other people.  This is the last Court of Catherine & Jade. back of my head

I'm sorry it's at an end and relieved as well.  Very mixed emotions.

The dress worked out well in all the rain & mud.  I got most of it out.  It needs embroidery and that will be another project.


Queen's Order of Grace

Both wearing my dresses!

  Final Hugs
Wore the dress to Mari's Knighting
  Beltane 2010





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