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Beltane: May 1st 2010

A Year Later



So it was a year ago that Catherine Stepped down as Queen of the West.

This year we had our first Danelaw.  A Viking encampment. My camera battery was dying and I didn't get hardly any photos.

We had a Viking dinner.  Cooking took place over a wood fire in a fire pit.

My clothes smell of wood smoke!

I wore my Viking Eura

My former consort asked if I would be his consort should he fight again.  I told him I was not looking to consort at all since I could not afford it.  We can just be friends...he can find a new consort with my blessing.

The Lady of the household was very graceous and told me I looked nice and she was glad to have me in the household.

I was called into court by Queen Kara and given a Queen's Treasure!  Nice little surprise award.  I also was able to get a coin from the new King & Queen.  One side has a 6 peatle flower and the other must be the makers mark.  I have quite the stash of coins now.
While at Court some photos of Catherine and I were taken. 





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