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Adventures in the S.C.A.
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Viking/Anglo Saxon


500 - 1066


I've made several Viking Saxon Gowns
Jingles 08
Finnish Viking
  Pink Coat
  Eura Viking


Vikings in Russia

Kern is to be Squired at March Crown.

He asked if I could help him with his clothes.
I made some inkle trim for his Over Tunic. 
I'll be making some pants for his Tunic.


  So I took his measurements and gave them to Catherine, so she could make his Tunic.  It fits him perfectly.  She used the ease the same as Jade's Tunics.



embroidery - trim

Now for the Pants. 

He want the kind that balloon out.

He tried on the "Mock" pair and they need some tweaking.  Over all a good fit though.  Need to make them higher in the rise and add a gusset for the crotch area.


Made a gusset for the crotch area and opened up the seams.  Actually this central point was where the seams split when he had them on and bent into a deep squat.  So he'll have another 9" with bias seams.


Then I'll add another 2" to the top of the pants, so it will come up to his belly button.

One more thing, that is not shown on any photos are the ties around each leg where the tube parts sticks out. 

RUS Pants PatternThis is the pattern I had to go on:  the 2 photos above without any measurments or instructions of any kind.

I could not find anything on the web.

For future:  Make the rise extra long by another 2" or more.

I'm making the pants 39" long so there will be more poof and the fabric is 60" side so that will be 30" for each leg (again the poof factor)

I'll make the lower leg part longer by at least 1", but he liked the fit around so I will not change that.

2-1-11  Today I'm cutting the fabric and starting the sewing:

First the prep:

cut out the strip 2" wide fold in half and pull inside out...what a *&^%$# (make 2)

I double folded the edges on the lower leggings

I double folded the edges for the lower legs and single folded the waist part

Then the sewing:

using french seams made up the bottom leg portions. Align the seams to the inseam.

RUS Pants

sew up the leg from bottom to top of crotch.  Will hand sew seam allowances.  (since I used the salvage edge I don't have to)

Gather bottom of leg to upper leg. (I based a thread throught the fabric and then hand gathered the material)  Gather evenly around and making sure seams align and the right sides are together. (made that mistake!)

Sew bottom of leg to upper leg.  Add the strings. (double stitch it on)

A gathered leg.

finished legs 2-1-11 Got most of the pants put together.  Tomorrow the top w/ drawstring and the gusset.

Will sew the gusset in first then the crotch seams, but making sure I leave the front unsewn to provide a slit which will remain open. Handfinish the inside gusset seam


crotch gusset

Then sew the drawstring casing with the drawstring in place.  I'm sewing the drawstring in place at the back.  It will not slip out that way nor become uneven.





inkle draw string  I made the inkle for the drawstring.  The colors match what is being used in the linen for his pants.

I used popsycle sticks to start the inkle and I think I like this technique very much.  It sets the tension on the warp very nicely.


Rus Viking Pants   Finished 2-3-11
Rus Viking Pants Side view Rus Viking Pants Serious Poof factor it means he's a wealthy Viking.

5-2-11 Spoke with Kern and he really likes the pants.  They should have had a much longer rise than I gave them.  They still fit him OK and he loved the fly feature.

He didn't want to give them back to me for an adjustment.

I made the trim on his tunic as well to save Catherine the embroidery time.

I'm sorry that I missed the event.

Well, I've been asked to make another pair of pants in Silk, for Sir Roric

Got his measurments 4-31-11

Silk twill:

48" round waist with elastic

20" rise on both sides

47" length

15" ankle


Minimum 100" at waist, 57" waist (actual)

12" rise in front (actual)

A = 27.5" (waist to knee, actual)

17.5 at calf (actual)

11" ankle (actual)

12" knee to ankle (actual)


  He has worn this outfit to all major events this year.  Here he is at 12th night...1-7-12




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