Adventures in the SCA- Viking Clothing
Adventures in the S.C.A.
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Viking/Anglo Saxon

500 - 1066


I've made several Viking Saxon Gowns
Jingles 08
Finnish Viking
Russian Pants


EURA Viking Dress                             late 1050's        Finland
This is a reconstruction of a grave found in Eura, Finland
Her belt was red, but I'm making the trim on the overdress red instead. So my belt is green & brown. 3-22-10
The Overdress was made from wool, but mine will be green linen.

The material was not long enough, so I had to attach a length at the bottom.  I have the top trim sewn on.

Belt of green and brown has already been woven.


The overtunic is taking double the amount of trim since the top folds over!  Spent the past couple of days making more trim. Yards and Yards of it over 800" worth!  3-26-10 OK, so I thought, this is not difficult, two rectangles (right) finish all edges and you are done....didn't factor in the fact that I have to make 22 yards...yes that's right 22 YARDS of the trim!!!

With children here over the past two weeks, I've not had a chance to work on this much.  It's starting to come together though.  Still needs hem


I have enough "left over" pieces of trim to do the hem and I have to tidy up the edges which have 4 pieces of trim overlap each other.  In the original piece there were little bits of brass decoration at these corners.  I expect to make them lie flatter and straight down.  I may add a bead or two to do the same thing.

An apron was also worn with this dress.  I may get to that too.

Eura Apron 4-14-10:  make seams on the apron, do some embroidery and finish up the little bits on the trim.  This will be ready for the Danslaw encampment at Beltane.

Red linen apron cut size: 16.5" x 41"

Green linen overdress finished size: 35 x 61

5-2-10 Wore the Eura to the first Danelaw Encampment and had much fun.   The clothes were very comfortable and kept me cool in the day and warm at night.  I did use the SquareCloak and the Lady of the household said that I looked nice.
  I cooked the turnip & Onion & Cheese dish and brought some store made broccoli salad.  The Turnip dish was a hit the salad not so much.
  Gave this outfit to Gold Key at Investiture Nov. 2012
  I just don't want to do Viking anymore.




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