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Viking/Anglo Saxon

Here is a Viking Coat and it's PINK

500 - 1066

Birka Coat 735 A projection of what the coat may have looked like from Birka, Grave 735.  Some suggest that women didn't wear coats.  There has been found a man's ridding coat in a Russian Viking area. Apparently, there is a man's coat found at Birka as well.

At our first Danelaw, it got very cold at night.  The daughter of a friend who is only 12 got cold...  I promiced to make her a coat and I have Pink Fleece that has been around the house for more than a year.

I took her dimentions October 08, so I'm adding some inches to those measurments.  I have some inkle trim to use to decorate the coat.

3 yards of fleece

Scraps of pink linen (1/2 yard at most)

3 hook closures

I have enough fabric left over I'll make her a hat too.

Cut the fabric out today..5-5-10   pink viking coat


Got all the major seams sewn and used pink linen for the neckline interface.
Yes, I didn't make a break for the front opening.  Will take care of that later.
  SEWING NOTE:  When sewing down the facing,  turn the undersides UP (opposite of normal).

Here is the scrap of linen going down the front.  I'll sew a seam down either side of the front opening, so there will be interfacing along the front opening and not just a raw edge.

rats, I placed one of the gores too low, must re-do.  I'll get it done today for sure.

"Also unique to Birka is the men's sleeved "riding" coat closed on the chest with small cast bronze buttons running from neck to waist; it is thought to be influenced by Persian riding coats by way of Byzantium and the Rus lands. Some Birka women wore a similar overgarment, but instead of bronze buttons this coat was held together by a fancy brooch pinned through two small loops that were sewn to the two sides of the garment at the mid-chest. It is not known how long the women's coats were, but clearly if they were meant to be protective overgarments they would need to be rather long--and require more than one closure point in front!" kaftan.html

Sew the interfacing down. handsewn done 5-6-10

Sew the Sleeves: one side of gusset, long seam down to wrist 

Sew long seam down the side 

hem & cuffs

Done 5-7-10

 It's really done, I may add some trims if I can get an answer on colors.  If not, they I'll send it as is.

Sending it off  5/8/10

Well I didn't get any feedback on the coat, but Kern is going through a divorse and things get complicated. 


   So she can wear it for now, not sure how long, but it fits and that is the most important thing.

I'll get some trim if this fits and a hat if she likes it.

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