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Twelth Night 2010


12th Night Dress

OK, I'm starting early this year...July 4th to be exact

Picante Rust 100% Linen 6.875 yds. from JoAnn's

Brown Fustan 5yds fabric has a small strip pattern.

Colors are very fallish...rust & black over and the brown under

Here is a photo of a nice dress.  I'll probably do the Ewoyn Sleeves and I need to find a really nice fabric to bag line the sleeves.

Somehting with some shine to it...I'm thinking silk but could not find anything at fabrics R Us.


I colored in the sketch.  Seam lines on the right are another possibility for the over dress.

Sleeves of the over dress have not been planned out yet.







Neckline of the undertunic

Using the above pattern I made the neckline of the undertunic last night....and I can get my head through.        I cut a piece of facing material, placed the pattern on it and sewed around the pattern piece about .25 seam allowance.  Cliped the pices and turned it to the inside.                     7-30-09

Sleeves of the undertunic the partly shaped sleeve head.

I've not tried this before.  Just in case I made a pair of underarm gussets. (My plan B)



The colors are not right the

Household Bull (not shown)

Red: DMC 815





The Dog Badge

Rust: DMC 400

Yellow: DMC 783

Blue: DMC931

All on a black linen background

The Under Dress
I'm sewing up the seams of the gown.

I've cut out the body, gores & I'm working out the sleeves for the undertunic today 7-4-09

Fabric is fustan (linen/cotten) 5yds and I used at least 4yds of it.

So I used the width of the fabric as my hem and measured up and centered my shoulder measurment in the middle.
I used a bendable measurment for the armholes.  It's the think blue line at the top.
Here is a closer look at the pattern.  I've not done anything for the neckline yet.
Here is the sleeve measurment.  I'll use the blue ruler and round off the ends the same as the armholes on the main body.

Here it is pinned and I'm streaching the bias out.

Lots of material around the hem-line.

Remember to add seam allowances to your measurments.

Sewed the outer edges of the gores to the main body of the dress.  I'm doing french seams.

The shoulder seam allowance is done by hand.  I sewed all the way across and finished the SA.

Got the main body of the under dress sewn up today and tried it on.  Fit seems pretty good.
Well, I knew things were going too well.  The sleeves don't fit. So I'll have to go with Plan B, as stated above.  There is an art to fitting a sleeve to the armhole when using curves.  It was not stated in the fine print in the book..rather it is the fine print and I missed that part.  Will have to re-read the body block section, perhaps it's there.  
Got all the seam allowances done today.  The sleeves are set in as well.  Now I have to make the underarm gussets.  I'll make them tomorrow.  8.5.09  
I made the sleeves with my own extension. I've been doing this, just cause I like it.
Here is the weird underarm gusset Here I've pinned the edges together
Finished Undertunic................................................8/6/09 Except for the hem.  I'll do that last after I made the overgown.
This undertunic goes with Viking & Norman Making another one in oatmeal



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