The Mongolian Coat - Deel

I need a coat on cold nights and using just my stash I wanted to make one inspired by the Mongolian Deel Coats.

These coats are made for the extremes in temperature.  Very hot in Summer and can get to -50 in the winter.

They are usually side closing This coat is a center seam


I didn't have this inspiration till after I cut out the coat using the basic Tunic style. I would like to make one but for now, I'll have a kinda standard coat.

Black Linen outside

Snow leopard inside.

I'll try to use the Mongolian ties for closures.  I will not have the collar but may add one later to the coat. 

The collars are quite decorative  
I think the traditional closure must have 3, most likely a good luck number.  Like a viking protective rune.  

So, I'm making a fully lined coat.

I cut out the typical T-tunic shapes using about 9" of ease for the body and sleeves.  The Gores remained the same.

I sewed the sleeves to the body and the main body pieces together and finally the gores to each side.  Everything is then sewn together at the shoulder seam.

I do each like this, so I have two huge connected pieces of fabric.



I was having an awful time trying to figure out how to do the neckline and center seam.  It was real simple after I took some scrapes and put it together.

Put right-sides together
Sew around the neck hole and the long seam down the front,Cut & clip the seam allowances
flip the fabric and you are done!  Duh...
Wrong sides are enclosed.
Much struggles to get the lines straight with this much fabric. Finished the neckline and the front seam..........8/7/09
If I do this again, I would make the front piece out of two pieces.  I made it out of one and then cut.

Now, I'm going to start on the inside (fur) and sew up the long side seams. The two pieces are ancored at the neckline and the long front seam.

I start 1" below the top and sew top to bottom. Fur to Fur side is very slipery.

sewing the seams of the lining fake fur lining
Sewing the outer linen sleeve Back of the Coat
Front open Front overlap closed.......................................8/7/09
Just the edges of the sleeves and the hem to finish I'm crazy...making a coat while it's 80 outside and no A/C on
Must try to figure out what to use to close this coat.  




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