Victorian Lace Shawl


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Victorian Lace Shawl Design


This Shawl is from the new book Victorian Lace by Jane Sowerby.  She found a beautiful sampler shawl and she designed this one using Jane Gaugain and Frances Lambert's patterns. (1840 -1845)

The shawl is made with a central panel consisting of 14 different patterns and a border which is added later.

My local yarn store did not have the Jade Sapphire that was listed in the book, and they had a sale going on, so I purchased 9 balls of Rowan 4ply Soft in a very pale pink.

This shawl will be very feminine and pretty.  I've never knit a lace pattern this large before and I can't wait to start.  I have to complete the backyard leaves scarf first and finish another hat for Christmas.


Yes, I can now start.  I'll knit a swatch like a good little girl.


Winter Solstice!


My first swatch on size 3 needles came out to 26 st to 4" which is too big by 6 stitches.  The top part is made using size 2 needles and I think that's as far as I'm going.  It's too hard for my big fingers to use these very thin needles.


over the holiday I got started on the central panel.  

It's an intermediate lace scarf and so far it has not been very demanding.  Even my daughter likes what she sees and it's unusual for her to make a comment on what I'm knitting.

I watched The Buccaneers today all 5 episodes at one sitting.  It's place in 1874 a little later than my scarf, but it's costumes are beautiful.  They spend over a million per episode and it shows.  These women are all very slender and the bussle dresses look beautiful on them. 


Another long holiday weekend.  Here is my progress. Here is an idea of what the stitches will look like after they are blocked.

Working on 8th Pattern right now and still have 6 to get to the middle.  I've used 3 skeins so far.  After this center panel is done I'll have to knit the border all the way around.


The editor of the Victorian Lace Shawl Book told me that I was at a perfect spot.  Not to do the pattern repeat that I am on more than once.  The pattern calls for 2 times of this 24 row pattern repeat.  I think she is right, I'll only do it once.  Here are progress photos, I'm about 1/3 of the way through.  She said I should keep at least 2 balls for the fringe.  I have to say, after seeing the shawl in person, I'd like a bigger fringe as well.


Half Way Point!

I have finished the central design.  Now it's just a matter of reversing the pattern.  I am not going to reverse the designs, too much trouble that.


This project is in hibernation for now.  I could not use it for my
SCA events which I was hoping for, I have it ready to do once I get other projects done.  In the mean time I did complete my first shawl.