Stitches West 2007


Knitting Freak

The Market

February 23, 2007

I thought that I would have been able to resist going to this Knitting Faire, but I am weak willed.  I gave my boss the chance to save me by asking for time off from work on the same day, but good guy that he is...he let me off. 

3:00 and I was free.  The Market was located in the Santa Clara Convention Center (I've been there multiple times and knew my way around and found a parking spot)  In less than 15minutes I was walking in a knitter's paradise.  250 booths!

I walked around from 3pm to 6pm and still didn't have time to really look at each individual booth.  I did a quick walk through, but made some purchases right away.


Had I think the largest booth with lots of helpful people.  What was the best buy, what colors were available, these helpers knew their stuff.  I bought 2 pair of Addi needles US#1, to make my socks.  As it turned out, I was very lucky they were the cheapest price.

Blue Moon

The ladies who bring you "Socks that Rock".  I purchased some sock yarn from them.  Hand dyed 100% merino in the colorway: Thistle

Oak Grove Yarns

Out of Putney, Vermont I purched a kit for a scarf with beads.  She had the best price on these kits that I saw.  I also purchased a pattern for a trio of items with beads:  mitts, socks and hat called the Queen's Quilted Trio.  I'll have to use my stash yarns and beads to make these.

Black Water Abby Farms

Importers of Irish Yarns, I oddly found the best value for decorative stitch holders.  I've wanted some for a while but the local stores had them for 4 for 30.00.  I got 8 for $16.00, WOW, so I bought 2 sets.  One Pink and One Sea Glass Greens

Knitter's Magazine

I was able to spend quite some time with the Editor for Jane Sowerby's book, Victorian Lace Today.  She was so very nice and looked at my work , made some comments about what I was doing, how much yarn I'd have left and some suggestions on changing the design.  What a nice person!  She showed me some tips on reading the charts and showed me the examples of the shawls I was interested in.  I have to say, the pink shawl that I am making and the real thing is very very different.  My shawl will be much larger and warmer.  She called it a "Spring/Fall" wrap.  The one in the book is a summer wrap.  I do want to make a summer shawl and will make one out of lace weight yarn.

Over All Impressions

I want to go back.  Next year I think I'll take some classes. 

Photos of purchases to follow, I wanted to get my thoughts down before I forgot.