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My very first attempt at socks!

This was as far as I got and I ripped out the knitting this year


At the last Knitting Group Meeting, I learned how to knit in the round on two circular needles.

I also learned how to start a Toe Up Sock and you can see the results of this start in the first photo.  I'm using Cherry Tree Fingering in the color of Bark

Needles are size 3 US which are too large for this yarn.

I'm going to go to the Market at Stitches West this weekend and hope to check out sock yarn.

More to follow I hope. 2_23_07

I pulled this all apart and started a new pair of socks for my daughter. 8/10

I got smaller needles I'm using US 0 for these socks.


So I've started a new pair of socks for my daughter.  I had started one and finished it and had started on the 2nd one but broke my finger last year just as I got to the heel.  The first sock didn't fit very well, so I ripped that one out.  I started a new one, which are the photos here.  Once I get to the heel, I will figure out what to do and then duplicate those steps on the sock that is partly done.  Anyway that's the plan.     8-16-11

I pulled out the knitting for the older sock that I knitted.  So, I've started this project 3 times...let's hope it is the charmer.  The reason I did it was that the two socks did not match in size.  The one above was larger and more comfortable to put on, so I'm starting all over.  I'm using a figure 8 cast on, shown above.  Working from the toe up.

I've knit the 1st sock to the gusset point and I've put it down to start the 2nd sock toe.  Once I get both socks to the same place, I plan to do the heel turns at the same time, as well as the cuff so the socks will be identical from that starting point.  Here's to Hope.   8-24-11

So here is the status so far.  2 socks from the toe up and I need to knit about 3 more inches till they are at the same size.



I'm still working on what a long time it's taking.  So I moved the socks from 2 needles each to 2 needles total.  It's a bit tricky when working them, must keep track of them and know when to turn to the other side.  Here is the sole side.  Each sock with it's yarn ball. 

At 7 3/4 inches, started the gussett increases.  1 st each sole edge (EOR)11X for a total of 54 st on the sole side, while working in the round and working the lace pattern as usual.                                                        8-30-11


Looking at the Home Stretch

The gusset is made by increasing 1 st each end EOR 4X


Then I turned the heel. And reduced the heel to 20 stitches total.  Knit in the round pattern for instep needles and ss for the sole needles for aprox 14 rows then started the lace pattern all way round.




They are done!!   She is happy with them too.