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Red Sweater Design

August 1, 2006

I just finished the Red sweater!  That is the fastest I've ever knit one.  I'll have to get the completed photos as soon as my daughter is willing to pose.  She picked out the color from my vast stash and we bought the buttons in Charlottesville, VA while on vacation.

The base rib design is from Knitters Issue Summer 2006

The back lace pattern was picked from Barbara Walters Treasury

She wanted a v-neck and long sleeves.

Finished Sweater and it's fit

She really likes this sweater and I'm pretty happy with the way it fits her. The armhole could have been made a bit deeper.  

Blue Hope Sweater

I'm going to try to put another quick sweater together.  The mornings are very cool here in NoCal and I want something to wear into the late AM until it gets warmer.

  • Short Sleeve
  • single closing
  • Clip 100% cotton Klaus Koch Kollecktion
  • handknit blue sweater handknit blue sweater handknit blue sweater

    Needles US#4

    Gauge: 22.5 = 4"

    swatch & pattern

    8_19_06 The Back is finished using 2 full skein and a small amount of a 3rd.

    8_25_06 Finished the front pieces.

    handknit blue sweater I don't like pullovers because I like the convenience of being able to remove the sweater easily when it gets warm. handknit blue sweater So, I need a button band or in this case, I'm going to have just one clasp or button at the top of the neckline. This is a pretty pattern, but I don't think I'll use it. Must continue the search...


    I've decided on the bands for the front.

      hand knit sweater bands hand knit bands  

    It has a little lace but is flat and still isn't heavy looking as garter or seed stitches would be.  I think this will be a nice balance for the sweater.


    It's not working out at all, the sides are curling.  That's an absolute no-no for a band.  I tried using garter stitch for the inside but it looks terrible.  I seem to be having lots of problems with this simple band.  I may just toss in the towel and make a simple rib...that's how frustrated I am.


    I finished the bands!  I need to block them flat, but they are done and on the sweater.  Started work on the sleeves and I'll be doing the lace pattern on the bottom, st st band, then the lace pattern again.  top of the sleeve cap will be just plain st st.

    First 2 photos are the swatches, the last two are the finished bands sewn on to the sweater.  They are curling outward right now, but I don't mind.

      Sleeves and the finishing for the neckline yet to go.  


    I'm working on the sleeves.  I do both at the same time. It's a bit akward, but you are finished with them, when done and the sleeves are the exact same size.  I got a bit carried away this time and knit beads onto the sleeves. 

    I have two more skeins of beads and I think I'll add them along the neckline.

    Finished the sleeves and they are too big, but I'm not going to re-knit them.  Instead I made massive decreases at the sleeve cap and when I sewed the bottom seams I took in at least 2" at the bottom of the sleeve and graduated the seam to the underarm.  Batteries are charging so photos to follow.  Only the Neckline to finish.


    It took me a while and I knit Jayne's Hat in the interum, but I've finished the Hope Sweater.  The sleeves are gathered at the cap and that was not what I wanted initially but the sweater is nice and it fits just fine.

      Photos taken with a flash so they are not the best quality.  You can get the idea anyway.  


    So this sweater was not so quick, but I did knit a lot of hope into it and it has beads too.


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