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I knit this for my dear Brother-In-Law.


In December we heard the news that my BIL would be going into surgery and cemo afterward.  I told him I'd knit a hat and he gave me some photos of a hats he was interested in.  They were an Afganistan Hat (Chitrali caps) which was made out of material and an Asain Hat.   He wanted something that had folds.

So this is the hat I came up with.  Hope he like it and it fits the bill for his needs.

Needles: #7 wooden 24" circular and doublepoints

Chelsea Silk(Tahki): 65% Silk and 35%Wool

Black (1 skein)

Grey (1 skein)

My BIL has a head that is 23.5" and my model is less than 20, so it doesn't sit very well on her.

This is what he mentioned.  Maybe someday, I'll figure this one out in knit.

Here is the Asian Hat he picked out.  What I came up with is a fusion of these two.

January 2008