Bella Blouse

Knit Along


Knitting Freak

Sweater Design

Yarn from Stash:

6 skeins Clip

100% Cotton

Needle Size

#4 & #3

5 st per inch

bella blouse knit along

Here's the schedule (very generous since we're all extra busy during the summer and early fall):

July 8-July 17: Choose yarn and swatch.
July 18-August 15: Knit bottom band and blouse back.
August 16-September 13: Knit blouse front and neck inserts.
September 14-September 28: Knit sleeves and complete finishing. (And post photos along the way!)

7-11-11 Interweave Knits is having a KLA swatch

knit 2 bands

21 repeats each


working on the back body

106 st picked up

6st decreased

  working my way up to the arm hole shaping front
  neck and armholes done straps

Pinned to the model.

I'm way ahead of the schedule will get the arms done and sewn today.

tried the knit on and it does fit, with the smaller armholes just right.

preview of look

Finished the Right Side Lace Insert.

Started on the Left Side


Will get the Left neck insert done today.

So the neck inserts didn't meet in the back of the neck.  About 3" too small!

  Neck inserts as sleeves, It Works.

Neck inserts #2

This time they go to the middle.

Used 7 pattern repeats

several KAL folk have already finished.

8-13-11 Got the neck insert finished and sewn in

All done and it even fits.

It would fit better if I lost a few pounds though.

It was a fun knit.