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Sweater Design

  Designed by Hanne Falkenberg  

I just purchased the kit in color way #1: Black and Sea Green

100% wool Swing Coat


This is my row gauge 50 rows of garter

US#3 Addi Needles

  This is my stitch gauge  

I'm working along on the first black section.  It's going good.  I like the little rounded edge at the bottom of the jacket.  (4 rows)

The short rows are working so far. (YO)

I would however be in deep dodo if Mona had not sent me the spreadsheet she did!

I would have devised something I'm sure, but she had already done the spreadsheet and it's a great great help to me.

I've also marked all the YO for the short rows, so I know what to pick up when I get to the stripes section.

Larger pins mark the increases. (M1)

So you see there is a lot going on even if everything is garter stitch.


Got to the stripe section yesterday got 3 ridges done before I quit for the day.


This pattern is sold as a Kit only.  I got 5 black and 4 SeaGreen balls, turns out that is wrong and I now have 3 more ball in the mail coming to me.  Yay!  

Got a few more rows done today   Even though it's just garter stitches, there are short rows that change from 1 st to 2 st and then there are increases (marked by the yellow thread)



9-19-11 Finished the front section.  The sides are at 'rest' and now you work on the raglan sleeve.

So it looks OK, but I've read the chart wrong.  I'm making notes, so when I do the other side it will match.

My numbers are good, but I think my row counts will be off.  It means my sleeves will not be as full.  I think this is OK since I've read that the arms are huge.  We will see.

With luck, my extra yarn will arrive this week.