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Klaus Koch GMBH: Classic Collection ......100 % Cotton with needles that are too big for the yarn

Wool Ease.  This yarn is too thick for the pattern.

Backyard Leaves Scarf

I don't remember how I found this scarf, but once I saw it; I wanted to make it.  Googled the scarf and came across a bizillion blogs with this scarf and found that the pattern came from a book which costs more than $20.00, Now I'm very cheap and didn't want to spend that kind of money for One (1) pattern.  Gota love Google, I was able to find that Interweave Press had a brand new Holiday 2006 magazine out that had the pattern, plus many other items I was interested in making.  Cost was $7.99

The pattern was designed by Annie Modesitt.  I can't say I liked her web site, so I'm not giving the link. 

The pattern which apparently she makes sure that no one puts up on the web is the most weird chart I've ever seen.  There are 63 rows, but the center panel row 9 - 28 makes the repeat. 

The edges are a modified I-cord edging.  5 stitches make up the edge stitches, so place a marker at either end so you can keep track of these edge stitches.  They consist of slipped stitches.  You must be careful reading the chart (see below notes)


  • The 1st Row is a Set Up Row.  It is on the Wrong Side (WS)
  • Row 1 is Right Side (RS) (All Odd Rows are Front)
  • Read all Odd Rows on Chart from RIGHT to LEFT
  • Read all EVEN Rows from LEFT to RIGHT

11 * 4 * 06

Purchased the Magazine

11* 11 * 06

I've been making swatches.  I'm not happy with either of them so far.


Third Time is the Charm! OR "And this one is just right."

Third repeat on the third swatch!  = Good Karma nothing is right here what a mess this was The top repeat is correct!

Ok Finally...whew

I was reading the chart wrong.  It took me up to the 3rd repeat till I got it right. I like this color of Klaus Koch Kollection, Clip (On Line) 100% Cotton Yarn arbe #65 Partie 05 made in Yugoslavia. I also changed to size 6 needles.  The width is 5" and this swatch is unblocked.

I was getting paranoid..all those knitting blogs "This was a simple chart", "I had no problems"....what the @##$%$#

What was I doing wrong?

There are two symbols which are K & P in the same stitch and don't twist the parent stitch.  I thought I was reading the chart correctly, but what I ended up doing was all whenever I saw this symbol (there are two) what I did was to K or P whichever the last stitch was that I had done, then do the opposite for the 2nd stitch.  When I had a P then K, I Knit through the back of the loop to keep from twisting the base stitch.

Then I noticed that when you are doing garter stitch the base of the stem is started and it is a slip stitch.  My eye would skip that K and I Purled all the stitches, so the stem got all off.

Now I've frogged the whole thing and I'm starting over. I was going to do both sides at the same time, like I do sleeves....I may do that yet.


I've started Backyard Leaves!  I'll knit the two halves at the same time.  I've got the chart blown up for easier reading.  I've got the stitch 'key' cut out and I use it as a row marker.  I've got some chart paper to mark dow the completed row number.


I'm still making mistakes!  My eye will jump ahead of the row or I'll read the row the wrong way or I'll miss read the stitch...aggghhh....

I can't be disturbed while knitting this backyard leaves scarf, it's unbelievable.  I'll get distracted while listening to a conversation that I'm not a part of and BAMB...I've misread something once again and I'm only on the 2nd repeated! The one saving grace is that these early boo boos will be in the middle of the scarf.  I trust that by the end I'll have everything worked out and memorized.


I had a dream about this scarf and it's chart last night.  I got up early and started to work on it and am now up to the 5th repeat.  So far so good at this point.  The pattern calls for 11 repeats or until the length you want is reached, so I'm half way done.  I want to get this darn thing finished!  Since I have to work on my Eowyn Green Gown and get more Christmas Hats finished.


I'm working on the 7th pattern repeat.  I'm going to finish that and maybe a 8th this weekend. 


Last Night Winter Solstice I finished knitting the scarf. Finally! I was watching MIB the first movie with my daughter and look like I didn't goof on any of the stitches.  This pattern really does require a lot of concentration.  The pattern is beautiful and all your hard efforts will be rewarded.  I just have to sew the center seam and tidy up the loose yarn ends.  Then Finis.


Happy Holidays


The End