Annis Shawl


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I had this yarn from Stitches West 2007 and had started to knit some fingerless gloves for my daugher.  It did not go well, so I pulled it all apart.  Trying to think what to do with the yarn I pulled some beads and found this pattern:  Annis


Started August 20th, 2011 and finished August 22nd, 2011  What a fun pattern to play with.  What a cute Shawlette pattern

Saw the shawl on Ravelry  Someone had used beads rather than the bobbles (nupps) and I really liked it and the shape.


I'd never done a shawl before and loved this shape. 


9-2-11  Started with CO of my 2nd Annis Shawl  using laceweight yarn this time and no beads.


I made one row of nupps but I hate them and they slow things down, so just the one row of them on this shawl.  OK that is going to be the only row...too many stitches to pick up on the purl side for me.  Slows me down.

Annis Shawl   Done!    9-5-11