The Waistcoat
11-14-12 A few years back the Plimoth Museum took on the project of an embroidered jacket and there is a beautiful blog on the progress of the making of this jacket.

This project sparked a lot of intrest in Jackets.


  I, however, was already on the bandwagon when I saw the Manchester Jacket back in 2007.    
History   We know that these Jackets were used in the late 1500s into the 1600s.  Extent Jackets and the famous Layton Portrait confirms this.



"Two garments which are frequently mentioned in his letters (Husse to Lady Lisle) are nightgowns and waistcoats.  These were informal garments, the latter shaped like a jacket, worn by men and women in the privacy of their home, rather like dressing gowns today."


Question:  Is the Waistcoat mentioned in this letter the same as the embroidered Jackets in Museuems.  If yes, it means that I can use my jacket with my Tudor Dresses as well, which would be fantastic.  


Construction I was very unhappy with the results from the Reconstructing History Pattern  

Simple pattern pieces

Reconstructing History(RH) Pattern and from the Tudor Taylor (TT) Book


A friend of mine made a sloper (Body Block) of the Jacket for me.  I've lost a lot of weight and I'm ready to have a fitted jacket or waistcoat.

I've picked apart the 1st attempt (the RH pattern) and I'm going to recut the pieces based on the new pattern. 

One thing I noticed right away, the gores (fitchelettes) are way smaller on the Tudor Tailor pattern

    The angle of the sleeves is very different.  The TT pattern is very angled compaired to the RH pattern I cannot recut the sleeves as I though I could.

This jacket was made for someone else but it fit me great. I have found that I have short arms as this jacket was made for a women 5 inches smaller than me but we have the same length arms.

100%wool with a linen lining.

  My Recommendation would be not to get the Reconstructing History Pattern...if you have a modern body it's crap.    
  The Tudor Tailor Pattern requires some tweeks but is good overall.    
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