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                 The English Smock


Another Smock...Because a woman cannot have too many!





1620s  blackwork smock T.2-1956

Photo Copyright V & A Museum, London

  blackwork cuffs

      I purchased the blackwork while going to GWW several years ago.  Of course now I can do my own, but why waste a good pattern.
  Materials  2 sets of fabric:   

One is 57" wide x 46" in 5.3oz linen that matches the material on the blackwork cuffs.

The other is 57" x 53" long in 3.8 oz linen that matches the material on the blackwork collar.  This pattern is much smaller in size and is perfect for the neck.

smock pattern
  blackwork cuff  

I now have 2 sleeves made from the 46" long fabric.  sleeve with blackwork The ruff is 1" it could be smaller


I have to figure out how to maximize the body from the 53" fabric.cut fabric

pretty sure this will work out

  4-22-12  Happy Earth Day Sewed the sleeves onto the body and cliped the collar embroidery and added the facing
     collar set into gusset  Collar sewn in and you can see the neck gusset

progress smock     shift without the collar        smock progress  all gussets are sewn, most seam allowances are finished

        I've tried the smock on and it's a tiny bit tight under the bust.  Must remember to make it a bit bigger next time. Closed the sleeves completely.  Made them tight enough to just slip over my hand.
       The collar has to be turned back and the neck opening seam allowences sewn down.      
    inside collar      tack
      Finished the inside with a bit of twill tape which reduces the bulk.        At the bottom of the neck opening, a tack will releave the pressure to prevent pulling.
  4-25-12 completed smock   Done!
    At some future date, I'll decorate the shoulder seams with blackwork.

Tried smock on with red Kirtle and we are a go!

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