RenFaire 2004

This is my attempt at a dress diary for the Elizabethan Period of 1560 - 1570


Finished 11/17/04  Black Bodice with Green Skirt  Maroon Coif

Renaissance Fair 2005

Before the faire

sneakers& shades


Before the Faire

At the Faire

Bodice and Skirt Match, White Coif

End of the Day

few wrinkles, it held up very well.

Beautiful Elizabethan

I took this photo at the Fair, this women was by far the best dressed.  I'd like to make a gown like her's one day.  

RenFaire 2006

I liked this lady in a blue gray.  She used a gimp like trim and as you can see not glitz.  Over all the nicest Middle Class Gown.  Watching the Broon Show. 9_16_06 A few photos of the Queen's lunch and Lord Vespa from Bold and Stupid Men.


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