This is my attempt at a dress diary for the Elizabethan Period of 1560 - 1570

OK, I'm going to try and use this page to load pictures and link to them. We'll see if this works. AGGH much happyness....web page works
I have finished the outfit with the exception of hems...(hate hems) have a look. OK for a merchant Middle Class Elizabethan Dress. finished dress elizabethan

Next step is to finish the caul and hat...and did I mention hems.
Finished the Hems on both skirts! (pats self on back)

finished caul (pats self on back twice) pix up

Got creative and decided that since the outer skirt and the bodice should match in fabric
I cut and sewed a second bodice. This is the same as the above picture..
I have to finish the straps and punch the holes for the back laces.
It is just pinned to the dummy right now, but you can see.
I am proud that the pattern on the fabric, which was not symmetrical, was somewhat arranged nicely on the bodice.

elizabethan Back View

This was the first bodice in black.

elizabethanSide View

Here is the finished bodice in matching material.

I did something different with this one other than the black bodice.

  • I boned the lining
  • I made it smaller
  • I added more of the tabby things along the edge

More to come as I move along.  

Chemise II or Smock with gathered sleeves and high neck:

elizabethan elizabethan elizabethan I've not added the cuff and cuff ruffles yet.

I had every intention of making a Tudor Square Neck Smock or Chemise.  Instead this is what I made...can't figure out where I made that mistake.  This Smock is made of a light weight linen.  I added a little lace at the neck ruffle and the cuff ruffles.

I used the Simplicity Pattern 9256 from the Elizabethan Costume Collection which is no longer in print.

I cut out the size 20 for a 34" Bust measurement (go figure out that one).  I had to reduce the size by at least 3" on each side.  The sleeve pattern is very large sleeve head which goes straight to the cuff.  When I gathered the fabric as tight as it would go, it was still to large to fit the cuff.  So I cut out 7" per side of each sleeve.  Even with that, this is a big sleeve!  The cuff and cuff ruffle by comparison are very nice.

Completed this smock.  Photos to follow


elizabethan elizabethan elizabethan elizabethan

Here are photos of the chemise completed.  I took these in the garage and the background was...well shall we say distracting.  I'm not sure if this is better, but as you can see the sleeves are enormous even with the reductions I did.  It is comfortable and fits fine.  I may use it to the SCAs Newcomers Tourney in April.


  elizabethan Finished Chemise  

3_21_07 Happy First Day of Spring.


  • Shoulder treatment: tabs or puffs or something.  More trim as well. 
  • Sleeves
  • Farthingale.  Right now only a petticoat is being used.  It is taffeta in a bright shade of teal with the black fore panel showing.
  • Hat.  I'd like to make a small cap to go over the coif.

Don't know how much I can get done for 2006, but I'll have to add something to the outfit!

April 9th, 2006:  I'm going to work on the shoulder treatment.  I've made some shoulder rolls, but I'm not sure I want them.  Perhaps the tabs with the trim on the skirt on them. Also I'm going to add a black trim along the bottom of the bodice and I may add the gold trim to these tabs as well.

June 1st, 2007:  I added a row of trim along the bottom hem edge of the outer skirt.

Trying to see what combination will look best to add trim to the bodice.  The shoulder rolls just don't look good.  I'm going to see if I have enough trim to do shoulder tabs.
elizabethan elizabethan elizabethan elizabethan

Here are a few options for placement of the trim.  Not sure which one I like best.  I need to keep some of the trim for the shoulder tabs I plan to add.

I sewed the trim along the bottom of the skirt.  I think I'll put the rest of the trim along the bottom of the bodice (last photo).  I'll see if I have enough trim for the shoulder tabs first.  6_03_07


Last night in a fit of hand sewing, I attached the trim to the bottom edge and added it to 1/2 of the tabs.


Next, shoulder tabs and add modesty panels.


I cut out tabs for the shoulder treatment, today.

Half out of the green velvet and half from black silk velvet.

Cut out modesty panels to make for each side, I only need 1inch so these will be about 2.5" wide each

photos to follow elizabethan
elizabethanThey are not sewn on, but they will work. elizabethanThe flash makes it kinda funky.  Will try and sew tomorrow.     6_26_07
elizabethan elizabethan
elizabethan elizabethan
elizabethan elizabethan
elizabethan 6.30.07 Not only did I get a good bike ride in today, I managed to get the shoulder tabs cut out and sewn.  It was nice to be able to use the machine, but I did do a lot of hand sewing on these tabs. 
elizabethan elizabethan
elizabethan 7.01.07 I put on the unfinished Tudor Smock to see how it would look with a more period looking sleeve.  The Arwen's Coronation sleeve in the previous photos didn't do it and of course the color mismatch.
elizabethan elizabethan
Dress is ready for the Warlords Tourney next Saturday.  Linen Chemise and trimmed Dress If the velvet hat turns out to be a disaster, that I'll wear this straw hat.  I have the coif that I'll wear as well and it's sitting on top of the straw hat backwards...oh well

I'll make a silk velvet hat in black as well.

7_4_07 cut out the crown & lining; 2 brims & buckram brim

elizabethan elizabethan
I think I am done with this gown.  It was my first, and it held up pretty well for a whole day in garb.  I need to get rid of the crease.  Have better bones at the lacing edges and the last thing is that the collar for the ruff should be interfaced so it stands up...but other than that I'm finished. I got a lot of compliments on the garb, people were suprised that it was my first.

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