A High Middle Class Lady

I had a wonderful conversation today with a woman who knows how to costume in the Elizbethan Style for a Middle Class Lady.

She suggested I make for 12th Night an English Coat, Kirtle and Blackwork.  I really love this idea, so here goes.

Blackwork collar and cuffs for a new smock.   I already have a rope fathingale.

Black silk for the kirtle (boned bodice and full skirt) Jewels on the top of the neckline

Black wool Velvet Coat with table woven trim for the opening

A Hat or somekind of head covering.

5-1-12  Today I saw the material that she wants to use for my Coat.  It's Wool Velvet in a very dark purple!  WOW

She thinks I should revise the silk Kirtle and make it from Wool or Linen.

She gave me 3yds and 12" of 59" wide 100% lightweight linen for the Smock. I have a BlackWork pattern picked out.


       fitted gown  So this is what I'm thinking of




Just read this on FB:

Have just come across one of my old note books and found a quote I'd noted down, 'Harrison' Description of England, 1568-70
'...all citizens wives in generall, were constrained to wear white knit caps of woollen yarne unless their husbands were of good value in the Queens booke or could prove themselves gentlemen by descent.'
Any ideas what these caps might look like?

It's hard to see, but that is what the image above is showing on her head!  Like this one

white knit cap



updated   3-8-15


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