Tudor Tailor have been making patterns since forever and they are very accurate but if you are a much larger person you will need to adjust a lot.
Simplicity 3782

I bought a new pattern.  Simplicity 3782

The Sleeves are of a period cut, even though they are sewn into the bodice It's easy to change that and make they tie with ribbons and rings.  Small shoulder rolls which are not period but I like better.  I have small shoulders and the large ones look hedious on me.  I really really like the way the bodie and the skirt attach.

In a pinch for Halloween this would work

I bought a better pattern from Margo Anderson:  Her historical patterns are easy to follow and accurate vs the Simplicity pattern.

Margo also makes a Tudor pattern and I have that set as well. 

Garments Dress during the Elizabethan Period was made up of many layers.


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  Corset [later period]

Elizabethan Coat Ensemble

or the English Fitted Gown

  Dutch Cloak or Cassock
Informal What an Nobel or Upper Middle Class lady would wear at home.
Comfort Gown

I'm planing on making a Jacket also known as a waistcoat.

It will be worn over any skirt

  Coif  Plain
  Coif with Emboridery
Forhead Cloth
Flat Cap


my 1st Elizabethan Dress
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