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6_29_05 OK I'm making an Elven Dress it will be based on the LOTR movie by Peter Jackson.

9_28_05 I've renamed the Dress. I'm reading The Lays of Beleriand and came across this quote:

"Her robe was blue as summer skies,
but grey as evening were her eyes;
'twas sewn with golden lilies fair
but dark as shadow was her hair.

(My dress is blue and my hair is dark and my name is faye)


I'm using McCalls 4491 view D. I think that it is based on the Blood Red Dress. I have started the mock up in muslin. I'll have some pixs up soon. I've already started the changing process.

1. Made the scoop of the neck deeper.

2. Pulled in the princess seams. I guess I'm not as busty as some :-(

3. I'm going to put a zipper in the back rather than lacing. It's quick and easy to get into your dress.


Use the princess pattern for the underdress. In Cotton dyed purple. Make an overdress without the princess seams for the outer dress in lightweight linen. Color is lavender and I already have it in my stash. Design a silver trim for the dress.

I'll make up some sketches to post soon

07/04/05 Happy Independence Day. Today is also the 1 year anniversary of breaking my shoulder. It's still a little stiff but I'm working on it.

I started on the Muslin for this pattern. I just did the bodice top and the sleeves and liked it so much that I added the bottom of the dress.
I had to set in the right side sleeve at least 3 times before I got it right. The last time I laid it down (see above) to make sure everything lined up properly.
So this is not too pretty, but I decided that even though it was a muslin, I'm going to use it. So here is the funky dress.

Here is what it looks like on. The neckline and the sleeves are not finished. I just have this pinned right now, but I have a 22" white zipper I'll put in. I really like these sleeves, they make this pattern something special. It is styled after the Blood Red Dress in Lord of the Rings. I don't like the princess seams, but I'll live with them and they will all be covered up with the dark blue velveteen which will go over this dress.

What did you say? I was going to do purples and linen...opps. I just cannot resist those 50% coupons from JoAnn's. I also want to do Arwen's Mourning dress in silk velvet and I wanted to work with velvet so this blue velveteen just screamed out BUY ME!!


I've been a busy beaver on this pattern. I liked the blue velveteen very much over the white muslin.

This is the paper pattern I used for the refugee dress. As you can see I don't have enought material. The pattern was made for a 60" fabric and I only have 45". What else is new, I had to modify the pattern. I basically just cut the angle sharper from the bottom. See below:

I just jumped in and cut the fabric. I worry and overthink things too much, so I cast caution to the wind and cut (I know you are supposed to do a muslin, but I got impatient). I used the bodice pattern from the refugee gown and made sure to change the shoulders, so I would not have the same problem as before (Yes, she can be taught!). I matched up the size of the shoulder straps as those on the McCalls pattern 4491. Then I held the pattern up to the white muslin and drew a deeper scoop neckline. I was pleased with the results.

I'm not a large person but I am on the border between medium and large. The fabric is about 45" wide and so that does not give me a lot of difference between the bust measurment and the final cut of the hem. I am making this a 3 part overdress. 1 piece for the front and 2 pieces for the back. Therefore I only had 45" total for the front and with my height, I ran out of fabric as you can see at the near the bottom right. The line should continue at a slant but instead it drops off straight down. Since this is a side seam, I'm hoping that it won't make too much difference.

Then while at JoAnn's I found this Butterfly sheer fabric.

I fell in love with it. Its very very sheer but with the blue background it's stunning and since butterflies are a theme in Rivendale and esp. for Arwen I could not resist. I bought all 3 yards. I'm going to line the sleeves with this fabric. I cut out a sample and pined it to the sleeve.
My goodness, was there that much yellow!!! I hadn't noticed it at the store. The blues were washed out too with the white background color. I have to have a dark background for this fabric.


I bought a navy haboti silk to place as an underlinner for the sheer butterfly fabric. It really makes a big difference. The blues standout and the yellow receeds. Now the background appears to be white. I'm happy again.


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