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Not everyone has a web site and since I currently have the room, I'm hosting the work of others who would like me to have their efforts displayed.

Ruth and her friend Chris have made amazing costumes for their Tolkien Weekend in England.  She has photos and her comments: 


My friend Chris has already finished her costume for 2007s Tolkien weekend, complete with knitted string chain mail.She has made loads of costumes for a local Drama Group, but this was only her second LOTR attempt..The Sword was a gift, from another Tolkien enthusiast, who she met at a Ted Naismith Art exhibition. He heard she only had a wooden replica sword…and sent her this metal one by post, as he had two! people are kind, aren’t they..?

Here she is as Pippin, (Guard of the citadel) She is Hobbit sized so she looks the part!



And here we are, Chris, Carole and myself at the 2006 event, wearing our first attempts at LOTR inspired outfits, I am the one on the Left.( I am almost 5ft 10” tall, and Chris is 4ft 9” so you can see why I’m the Elf and she is a Hobbit!). As you can see we are really all far too old to be “dressing up”, but we so enjoyed making the costumes and doing the Embroidery, we are now addicted!



Middle Earth Bags

“Bag End Creations” (Ruths Designs)

Not a very good view but you get the idea!

These are the bags I made to go with costumes last year (ed note: 2006), The Blue Gondor bag was for another friend (who didn’t like having her photo taken)

The Rohan bag is in a suede type fabric,it is actually a much darker colour (sort of honey coloured) but the flash wiped it out, Carole appliqued the Horse Head in Braid.

My ( Elvish Quiver shaped) green bag was the remains of the dress fabric, embroidered in gold thread and beads, The Blue is a heavy fabric with my copy of the White Tree “bonda webbed” on to it(cut from Silver Lame) Furnishing braid for the handle and a silver Christmas tassel to complete!

They were very useful!


Ruth is very talented, here are some more of her creations.  I love the setting for the Elven Gown. Here is her description:

I wanted to “do” the Midnight Cloak and Dress, ( well, my interpretation of it anyway,)



The correct (U) shaped cloak is not too flattering on me,( I look more like an overweight Nazgul), so I used a Vogue pattern ( number 7641 ) for a nice, almost circular cloak and added about 15 inches to the length. It’s lovely to swish about in, (and totally impractical with a train,) but I can’t bear to shorten it, so luckily it is washable velvet!

I have added poppers/press studs/snaps at strategic points… give ground clearance when necessary!

I have put a pair of press studs about 6 inches either side of the side seams, on the bottom hem.

(If I fasten them and then poke my hands through the hemline “loops” that appear, I can drape the length of the cloak over my arms, giving a fair impression of the “correct” U shaped cloak for photos anyhow!!)….. It is easier if you are tall and have long arms!



The Dress is in the same dark blue velvet, (it is very dark, the flash makes it look lighter in the photos) ( Mcalls pattern 4491 ) no back lacings, if you leave a slit at back neck for a couple of inches, fastened with hidden hooks and eyes, with a stretch fabric it just pulls on! plus my “own” sleeve pattern.

I added a neckline trim of embroidered velvet. The neck trim is removable (when dress needs washing), The embroidery is hand done in silver metallic threads (from Pakistan, available locally in a market) and I added Beads to brighten it up a bit, and because I like them!



The sleeves are narrow and straight, and very long, because I wanted them to “wrinkle” when worn, to show off the fabric better.

I know that they should be Embroidered, but with Stretch velvet, on sleeves that needed to be tight fitting at wrist, distortion was always going to be a problem.

I came up with the idea of removable embroidered velvet Vambraces! (well, why not?)



I measured my arm , wrist to elbow “ fold” cut out the required shape (bigger than needed, because machine “quilting” it will affect the final size, as I am sure you know!)

I backed the velvet with a stabiliser, I then top stitched it on the machine in a lattice (quilted type) pattern in plain thread. By hand, I then threaded a metallic silver thread through the machine stitching. I added a bugle bead (the same as I had used on the neckline) at each crossing point of stitching. Finally I lined the whole lot with the velvet , and used black cord elastic, laced through eyes (as in “ Hooks and Eyes”) sewn on the inside of the edges, to close up the opening.

This means I can put them on, and remove them unaided!



The belt laces at the back, is a fitted “V” cut as one piece, then has an embroidered “Tail” down the front. The central beaded motif was bought from my favourite Market stall, and I matched the Embroidery and beading to the Neckline style where possible.


The whole lot has cost me around £25, including the threads, beads etc!All bought at Birmingham Rag Market!


Later I will send you Photos of these costumes being worn at this years “Tolkien Weekend” (at the end of May 2007)

I am also working on an Elven coat (a bit like the Farewell dress) and a simple “Requiem style” dress using the remnants of Blue Velvet that I have left over.

.I will let you know how it turns out! All the best, Happy sewing, Ruth 12/3/2007






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