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Since I have not sewn in the sleeves yet..bad me. I went back to the design of the neck trim. Took a trip to
Michael's (a great craft store IMHO) They have started to carry the Blue Moon line of beads which
I think are so much superior to the Western Craft line. I needed to give the neckline some sparkle to go
with the embroidery. So here is the idea below. None of the beads are sewn. They are on the sample that I

did but on top of the fabric that I will be using.

I think this will do. I have the gold of Luthien, the Lilies and the blue.


I want to have this trim outlined. At first I thought to use beads but now I want Tolkien's Words.
They will be in Elvish

Not thus do those of elven race
forsake the love that they embrace.
A love is mine, as great a power
as thine, to shake the gate and tower
of death with challenge week and frail
that yet endures, and will not fail
nor yeild, unvanquished were it hurled
beneath the foundations of the world.
Beloved fool! escape to seek
from such pursuit;

Thus spoke Luthien, who is Tinuviel, to Beren. They had just defeated Tur, who is Sauron and
Beren steals away from Luthien in the hopes that he was protecting her from facing Morgoth.
If you don't know the story here is my very short version.

Beren is the son a man who helped fight with the Elves against Morgoth. Many Elves were killed,
but the help of the humans during this first Alliance Morgoth was not defeated, but he lose many of
his Orcs and Goblins. He hid behind his gates in the North of Middle-Earth deep underground. His keep
of Angband. If you think Sauron was bad, Morgoth was his boss. Tolkien often says Angband was Hell.
Beren's father was given a Ring from the Elves. It was two serpents with emerald eyes (I think you know the one).
The Ring went to Beren when his father was killed. Times were hard for Beren and he was sort of a Ranger
for a time. He and his small band of men would attack the Orcs on the North. He was betrayed and his men were
killed. He wandered the forests and headed South into the land of Beleriand. There the Wood-Elves
lived and the daughter of the King was Luthien. He spied her one night as she danced in the moonlight
and fell in love with her. After that time he lived only to try and find her. After playing this game of hide and
seek, (I think for several months) he cried out her name Tinuviel (nightingale)and the voice she heard
was so sweet to her ears and so full of love, she stopped and let him touch her.
Thus began the love of Beren and Luthien.

She took him to her Father, who could not believe that she was in love with a human (impossible)
. He gives Beren a quest: return with a Silmarill from the crown of Morgoth and Beren can marry Luthien.
(This is much worse than returning with the broomstick of the wicked witch of the West)

Beren, a man of honor, accepts the quest and leaves. Luthien will not be parted from the man she loves,
escapes from her father's prison and follows Beren. Together through many many trials they succeed in their quest.
But the story does not end happy-ever-after.

I urge everyone to read this tale...


Today I worked some more on the design. I tried as best I could traced out the shape of the neck opening.
That was very hard to keep everything straight, so I ditched the idea of having the sides be the same. I just free
handed the design on the material. I'm using a pencil and I sure hope that this will wash out! I then wrote
out the first three lines from the Lay. It covers the bottom edge of the trim. I knew then that I could not get
the whole section of the poem (above) on the top. So I have three elven words in the center front only.
I'll use more beads along the top edge. Here are the photos that I took today.

Click on the thumb to get a really big image. I think that this is going to work out. The dress will not be
ready for Halloween but someday I hope to attend a LOTR Gathering.


Everyday before I go to work, I do a little embroidery. It doesn't look like a lot does it.

Here I have placed it against Mimi Here I added a few beads to get an idea


Then I put the jumper over to get the overall effect.

I'm not sure. The red in the hoop is very distracting, I should try and remove it in the image. I think that this will work. The one thing I'm concerned about is that the colors go OK together. Another thing I just realized today...I have to make this trim for the armbands too (Duh moment)


This page is getting big. I'm not even close to finishing it, so looks like I'm going to have to make some more pages...but not today.

Worked more on the embroidery.

In the first 2 pictures you can get an idea of what the whole trim will look like.

I wish I could work on this at night, but I find that the light is just not strong enough for my poor eyes. Don't know how they did this by candle light in the old days.

11_11_05 (Happy Veterans Day)

Started on the Elven Text I added silver beads to the leaves

I worked on the trim more. It's starting to take some shape now.


Almost done with the embroidery part Next will be the beads and sequins!

A little update on this time consuming hand work. The fun part will be adding the beads and sequins.

11_28_05 (bring on the sparkle)

Elven Trim Elven Trim Left Elven Trim Right Elven Trim Center

Last night I finished the beads. I decided not to add the dark beads since it took away the general airyness of the trim. It has a lot of gold to it now which fits Tolkien's description of Luthien's Gown. Now, the hard part, how to make this circular piece a trim that I can add to the dress neckline.

As a footnote, OT, my youngest daughter passed her driving test go girl!


Here are natural light photos Elvish Natural Elvish Close Up It doesn't sparkle in natural light as in artificial.



It's taken me a long time, but I cut out the trim and I've pinned it to the white undergown.   I got it sewn!



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