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Well I pinned the velveteen on "MiMi" (my body double) with the white muslin underneath.

I'm liking what I'm seeing here. I've not been able to sew it together yet. My in-laws are in town for a visit and I had to put everything away and tidy up.

I'd love to have a sewing room some day. Right now I have only the living room to use and the landing at the top of the steps. So while they are here, I'm thinking trims. I looped a few around the dress to see what it would look like, I also cut out from the scraps of the butterfly fabric some butterflys and I'm thinking of using them as applicaies for the sleeves.

I would bead the butterflies and sew them down on the cotton sleeve. I cut some wings and have them up around the upper sleeve area. I'll need something on the white muslin neckline too. I'd love a butterfly around there but they are too large for the space. I'll have to get the silk background for them too otherwise all that yellow pokes through. I hope all this will not be too much trouble.

They are leaving tomorrow 7_26_05 and I'll be able to get to work again. My mother in-law sews and she liked this dress. I will miss them. They live so far away that I only get to see them every 3 or 4 years. I haven't seen my mother in over 5 years now going on 6!

On Wed. I'm going to my first embrodery class. I'm very physiced. I hope to learn how to make beautiful things and can make the custom trims I want for these Elven dresses.



I can get back to sewing this dress now. While I was looking at it I had another idea for the sleeves.

Instead of the sheer fabric on the inside, I could put it on the outside. It lessens the sharp contrast of the white against the blue. Looks like I will not be sewing so soon. I must make decisions on all these things before I commit the needle to the fabric. I'll have to rethink the trims too with this change.


I've still not put needle to the dress. No one in my family like the butterflies on the outside of the sleeves, so it's back to sleeve lining. They will not be bag lined, but loose and free flowing. All three layers.

I'm going to use commercial trims for the velveteen jumper. I will be hand embroidering the design on the white muslin. I'm still working out some kind of design. Of course butterfly and I'm thinking of using the mallon leaves as well.

The problem I see is making the curve of the neckline and the straight trim work. I bought 10 yards of black beaded trim from Wal-Mart. (not my favoriate place, but super cheap)

The trim is black and silver with beads. I'll use a bright silver trim to make it wider and accent the black.

So I decided to add the trim before I did the sewing. I ran a black thread by hand along the top edge of the black ribbon. At the curve I gathered it. I found the silver trim to be very difficutlt to keep pinned down. I cut the lengths to fit and pinned as best as I could. I then sewed the shoulders together with all the trim. My thought was to anchor the trim down. It seems to work. Here are the results:

The trim is not sewn except at the shoulders. Over all I think it will work out just fine. I sewed the side seams but the bobbin tension was all off. I could not figure out what the problem was until I changed out the plastic bobbin with a metal one and the problem went away. I'll have to rip out the bad and re-sew them.

The shoulders on this jumper are standard. I did not use just the trim to hold up the jumper. The velveteen is way too heavy to be held up with organza ribbon. I may trim some of the velvet off to have less material on the shoulders. You can see in the third photo what they look like.

I'll try to finish this jumper up first, then finish the muslin.



More Trim Thoughts

I put the jumper back on MiMi. Please pardon the jumper and the under dress necklines. In my haste, I didn't aline the jumper properly and it looks off. I'll make sure the necklines are proper when this costume is finished.



More on Trim: Since this question came up recently on the LOTR Yahoo Group, I thought I'd post my views on using straight trim on a curved neckline.

This is a lot more complicated then at first. I was used to using bias tape to go around necklines. As a matter of fact I'll do just that on the white underdress. On the overdress (jumper) I needed to sew the trim down. Let me tell you it is slipery stuff. Pin like crazy, even then it will move on you. Perhaps it's the velvet. I suspect so. I did purchase the sticky spray glue that washes out and I'll use it next time.

To make a square peg fit in a round hole I ran a thread along the top edge of the black trim and pinned it down on the velvet. I then gathered the edge along the curve as best as possible. It created little tucks along the edge (ie a gather). Then I sewed the silver thread trim along the edge of the black trim. I tried to hide the tucks under the loops of the trim. I was somewhat successful. Check out the close ups.

Here are some pictures of the general view of the trim. The bottom row shows the back trim and how it is pinned and a close up of the front trim. You can see how the three pieces go together.

Here are the very close up of the trim the top two are the center front. The bottom two are the curves. The little loops of the silver trim are very delicate. I hate to think how they will do in the wash even on gentle. As you can see, the trim goes along the cure with out it looking too weird or puckered. Click on the images for a larger image.


Now I know what to do for the under dress neckline! Golden Lilies will be the theme of the embrodiery. New inspiration for me to get working back on this gown and get it finished before the new year!


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