Eowyn's Green Gown

The Skirts

I have to make the underskirt using a front panel of the leaf material and the Taffeta in the back.  I would love to know how they made the real skirts on the original.  But since it is not on display and no own was able to lift the skirts to see I'll just go by what is easy.



I've been remiss but I do have an excuse, my husband was hit by a pick up truck last Sunday, April 30th and even though he was able to walk away from it "Thank the Lord!" he was badly bruised, dislocated fingers and the worst of all a fractured upper jaw in the front.  His teeth are very messed up and he'll need dental work.  At least he is alive, I'm so grateful, but I've not had my mind on sewing much.

The Analysis

A train in the back, looks to be a good length by looking a photo #3 first row and #1 of second row.  I'm thinking at least 18" long maybe longer.

No petticoats judging by photo #4 first row and #4 Second row, so it's just the underskirt.

Underskirt I think is a full skirt by photo#2 and #3 Second row.  I lightened these photos a lot so you can see the detail of the underskirt.  If it had been a panel only a whole lot more leg would show and from photo #2 you can see it's full.  I don't think I have enough material so mine will be different. (I don't plan of running up any steps in the wind anyway!)


I'm going to use a McCall's pattern for the underskirt. McCall 4109 view D

It's a simple zipper back round skirt in 3 panels.  It has an inner ruffle to keep the skirt out and I don't know if I'll use that or not.  First I'll muslin it.  My fabric is 45" wide as my fashion fabric, but now that I think of it the Taffeta may be 60".  Life is never simple, now I'll have to go and check.  I may just make it using the 45" anyway the the only change is how you lay out the pieces to cut.  They all are the same when you sew.  I can use a white petticoat or I can dye it later if I this muslin will not go to waste.


I sat down and read the instructions for this petticoat and it's fairly complicated.  It's lined with 3 sets of interior ruffles located between the lining and the outside fabric.  No mention of that on the envelope.  I'm going to make a single layer in the muslin and see how it drapes.  If it's too flat, then I'll add the ruffles and the lining.  Still don't know how that will translate for the underskirt of Eowyn's Green Gown.


I've got the images up of the McCall's patter 4109 that I'm using for the underskirt muslin.  It is made with a large front panel and 2 back panels.  I cut them out pined them together and found to my horror that I'm too big.  At first I thought I'd just forget about the whole thing and wait till I lost weight, but who knows when that will take place, so I decided to add 2 side panels.  I'm not sure if the correct term is panel or gore so this skirt will be a 5 panel or gore skirt.  The second image is the original design.  I then spread them apart and with a piece of tracing paper I made a new piece.  Cut 2 pieces of muslin out and pinned it all together.  Tomorrow I'll try and sew them all up.

On a side note today with my 40% coupons I went to JoAnn's and bought 2 cutting boards, the new blue one you can see in the photos above and 7.5 yards of off-white linen.  I saved about $60.00 with those coupons!


It's Mother's day and I get to do anything ask for I asked my kids to clean up! 

Sewed the pieces together and my daughter says she likes the way it hangs...goody a nice drape to the skirt.  I'll have some pleats in the back to take up the extra that I added and now I have to decide..zipper or elastic?  I think I may go with the elastic so when I eventually get rid of these extra pounds it will not have to be adjusted much if any. 


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