Since I have to wait to bring down my sewing machine and actually get some sewing done, I took my digital camera and make photos of the green dress.

I'm looking at the drape and flow of the skirt and sleeves. This will help me with the muslin pattern.

This dress has been duplicated much, but it was unfortunately not much on display. This shot was taken at FIDM
  Eowyn Green Possiblilty It's a 1950's Retro Gown  

I found a Simplicity Pattern that I think I can use for this dress: Simplicity 4259

The Bodice is simple hardly any darts and No Princess Seams!!


I now have all the materials for the main dress. I'll have the girls take my measurements and start work on the bodice. I'll then use the Simplicity Pattern for the sleeve head and the skirt.

I'll have the make the underskirt as well, but I'm going to keep that simple. Triangular gored skirt with a simple waistband and zipper.


Must Remember to Wash the Material First!

(note to self)


Ok now that I have all the Materials's time to start the Muslin.

I've had my daughter take my measurements and I'm going to draft a bodice. I'll attach the skirt from the pattern mentioned above. I'll have to make an underskirt too. I'll get out the paper tonight and get going on the bodice pattern. If this doesn't work out, I'll use the bodice pattern on the pattern.


I started the muslin. This is going to take multiple try's I think. Here is the first cut.

I have to make the bottom rounder and I'm not sure about the neckline. I made a composite of the green dress for study.


I think the back is OK. The shoulders will have to be tweaked some. When I get the neckline muslin done it may look better.


I rounded the bottom, raised the armhole. I think the back it too deep and will raise it on #3 cut.

I'm working on #3 muslin and I haven't actually sewn anything yet! Cut out the under bodice as well and working out the collar size. I can't make it the exact same as the movie. I'm just build different than Otto. It will be close though. I'll have pix's up later.


So far everything is still in the pining stage. Using scraps I tried to see how the collar should be layed out and what shape it needed to be. Once I was kinda happy with it, I cut it out using silk essence in green. This fabric is too light in texture, the muslin had a better "hand" in that it did not fold down on itself like the green fabric did as you can see in the photos above. I tried to get the collar smaller but with the depth that I need for the over bodice, I could not get the little collar that the original has. So my collar will be bigger, but should fit me better.


I'm currently working on #6 of the muslin and it still is not fitting correctly along the neckline. I think I have it OK in the body. The pattern is unlike anything I've ever seen, but it seems to fit alright. I'll get some pictures up later.


#6 didn't work out, the pattern was just way off.  I would have been cutting on the bias and I knew that I didn't want to do that, so back to the drawing board and #7 worked out great. 



I've learned that I'm only creative/crafty when I'm not under stress.  I had a real bad day with the boss on Mon. when she was going to blame me for screwing up her vacation plans.  As it turned out, someone else had provided her with the wrong information and I was right but I swear I though I was going to have a heart attack at the time.  It took two whole days for me to get over that.  So yesterday, I worked on the sleeves!

The sleeve cap will fit in.  The length is good too, it comes to the tips of my fingers.  When it's turned back my hand will be free.  It's not long enough though, so I'll have to make another muslin.

As it was I didn't have enough for this one, which is the jagged edge you see on the lower sleeve.


      photos to come

The first photo is the first sleeve as shown in the photo taken on the 20th.  It was too short as you can see.  I then made a 2nd muslin and extended the length by a is 34" long.  I wasn't sure about the angle from the start of the flare (right above the elbow) and the tip(bottom of the sleeve)  It's rather straight.  When it get's bag lined, I think that will round out the sharpness..I guess I'll find out later.  Also, everything here is pinned.  Well it's comming along.  I'll have to sew it all together to see how it does.

Here are some photos of the real green gown for reference.  Happy Earth Day!


I sewed the muslin sleeves together with the bodice.  I'm pretty happy with these results.  The wrinkles I think will disapear once the skirts are attached.  I'll have to make a muslin for those next, then I'll be ready to cut the good stuff.

I think that the velvet will drap different than this lightweight cotton muslin, so the sleeves will be more like the original.  The angle looks close to me and I don't want to have the sleeves any longer or they would touch the ground.  I will round the neckline more on the bodice when I cut the good fabric.


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