Eowyn's Green Gown

(But this muslin is Purple!)

I'm just safety pinned into the gown.  The undergown is a shift that I made a long time ago for the Eowyn Refugee Dress .  I used Ritz dye.  The Undergown is light blue and the over gown is purple.

Nothing has a hem yet.  Just checking the drape of the train.





This last photo has been altered to reflect a smooth back.  The safety pins caused a lot of gaps. Plus I'm about 10lbs heaver than when I made the muslin in the first place.  I hope to rectify that issue.  So this will probably be a future Ren Faire gown at some future date.

Next plan is to work on the Yoke.



OK, the Sleeves should be longer, the scoop wider but when you see this gown I think it is recognizable as Eowyn's Green Gown.  It looks much better with the foundation and the fact that I've lost 11 lbs!



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