The Bliaut


The Bliaut

Arwen's Mourning Dress



Design 01001:

The dress is influenced by the French Dresses of the 1100's called: Bliaut

This gown looks good on everyone. That is why I have decided to make this one. The color scheme is very simple.

I'll see about how exact I'll be.


7.52 yds of black linen (Joann purchase and I was going to sell or give this away) after sleeves & bodice are cut, I have 3 yds left for the skirt.


2 yds of green linen for sleeve lining after the sleeves were cut out.

  The Muslin  


OK, what I'm going to do is make a 12th night gown off this gown.  I'll document the progress Here.  It will be the "2nd muslin" for the real gown.

9_2_09  Start of the 1st Muslin.  I'll document here the making of the pattern for the Mourning Gown.

  bodice pattern for Arwen's Mourning Gown
  bodice pattern for Arwen's Mourning Gownfront bodice pattern
  bodice pattern for Arwen's Mourning Gownfront bodice final 2-pieces
  sleeve pattern for Arwen's Mourning Gownsleeve pattern- cut 2
  sleeve pattern for Arwen's Mourning Gown Green Lining - cut 2

Before I make the 12th night gown, I'm going to make one out of black linen.  I used the muslin from my Eowyn's Green Gown, but had to make some adjustments since...sorry to say I've gained weight.

The sleeves will have Cala Green lining.  I didn't really have enough and the top of the sleeve head is clipped off.  9-13-09

   Arwen's Mourning Gown
   Arwen's Mourning Gown
   Arwen's Mourning Gown

Today I cut out the skirt pieces.  I'm going to have to line the bodice, the weight is too much for the thin linen as one layer.  I have some very funky dragon print cotton and I'm going to use that since nothing will show.  I'm glad I had enough of the green linen to make the arm-bands and the little peak at the neckline.  I don't think I have enough though to make a belt.  Everything is pinned right now  I think the waist needs to be raised a bit more.  I split the front skirt, but it will all be sewn up when done.  I didn't pin lower part of the skirt, so it's showing.


   Arwen's Mourning Gowngot the lining cut out...wild pattern-lots of fun
   Arwen's Mourning GownA better idea of the skirts for the gown.  Full and flowing with a good size train.
  A little embroidery for the arm bands
  Yes, it's French and very Star Trek with a bit of bling.

I have to finish the embroidery and sew the bands on before I put the sleeves together.  Something quick & sweet!


9_17_09 Finished the embroidery today.  Sewed the lining to the bodice.  I toyed with the idea of an opening from the front but ended up by nixing that for the back closure.  I won't have to see it.  Next sew the embroidery bands to the sleeves, But I think I want a little extra color next too the bands.  Supernatural is on tonight!  It's the final season, but I love those two boys...Dean & Sam plus the impala!
   Arwen's Mourning GownGot the Bodice sewn.
  I've gotten much better at linings.  I even have a small edging so you will not see the lining from the front.
  I also learned that when attaching a skirt, attach it to the lining first, then I'll sew down the outside by hand using a hidden stitch.
  I used silver beads for the accents.

The plan for today.  Attach the bands to the black sleeves and sew the lining of the sleeves in using a bag lining technique.  Attach the skirts to the bodice as well.  I have some light green linen, so I'll make an undergown and I've used some of this linen to use as a background for the arm bands.  These are talking a long time to attach, since I'm doing it all by hand. Boy is it hot today...temp says 90 but it feels much hotter than that with no relief in sight for days yet.



Yousa, I got the sleeves sewn to the lining.  It took half a day.  Part of the problem was that I didn't have enough of the green lining material to cut out one of the sleeves in one piece, so I cut it in two pieces and that was too big after it was sewn, so I had to least it was too big  better (much better) than too small.  Next up, I'll attach the skirt and make a side pocket.  I keep forgetting  to do that and they are so very handy for a small wallet and key.

Bliaut pattern

9_20-09 Got the skirt peices all sewn together and put the pocket in.  I think the sleeve will hid it from view as long as my arms are down.  The next thing is to attach it to the bodice. Photos below.
        Pocket Pattern
       bliaut train

  I got the bodice sewn to the skirts and I sewed in the sleeve all by hand. 


Now I have to attach the lining bodice to lining sleeve, finish the back and put in eyeletts for lacing and hem. 

Yay!  A short list.

10_1_09 Got the hem done and now the only thing left are all thoses eyelettes.  I'm making them in silk thread.
     Dress has a good size train.
       lots of pins in the hem.

  The problem I had, since this was a mock up, the skirt top was a little small.

So I cut a V-shape and inserted it from the center seam of the skirt.  This caused some bunching at the back.


Fits pretty good.  Got 12 eyelettes done on the right side, still need to put in about 2 more.

Then 14 on the left and I'll be done.  Famous last words, I was trying to be smart and make a modesty panel for the lacing, but I put it in wrong and I cannot lace the back.  So I sewed the panel in.  I don't need to lace the dress, it just pulls on over my head.



oops! I've decided to add a small thin band of trim around the neckline.  11_02_09
  Finished the trim band this AM. 11_03_09
11_03_09 It's Done

I will wear this dress when I go to court at Investiture on 21st of November. 

I wore the dress to Estrella War Feb 2011

I wore the dress to La Prova Dura April 2011 and got complimented on it by a couple of people.


I'll use the muslin pattern to make the 12th night gown & of course to make a final of the Mourning Gown.




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