Arwen's Coronation Dress




Arwen Coronation Gown




I purchased these materials more than a year ago for my daughter.  She has since changed her mind and no longer wants this gown.  When I pulled all the materials out, I realized how beautiful the colors are and have decided to make the gown for myself. (We don't want to waste fabric now do we)


  I will not be making an exact reproduction.  The Eowyn Green Gown was enough for me and it's not an exact anyway, but it is very very close.

This gown will be made along the same lines as my Luthien Gown.  I trust that it will not take me forever to make like the last two. (We shall see).

5_6_07                                         Amounts of Material

  • 5 yds of 56" Satin like (Velvet Substitute/ Overgown)
  • 1yds 22" of 27" Gold and White Brocade (Lace Substitute)
  • 5 yds of 54" Taffata (Undergown)
  • 4 yds 30" of 53" Green Crinkle (Sleeve Inner)
  • 4yds 8" of 42" Silk (Sleeve/Outer)

These are pre-wash amounts. 




So now I have to measure the fabrics I have decide which will go for what and get my patterns out...yeah a plan at last.

For details check out This Link.   Cat has many photos and links on this dress.


Koren handmade dollOne of the new members at the Yahoo Groups LOTR posted this photo of her doll, whom she has called Luthien, but she is dressing her as Arwen, so I'm including her here.  She is by far the most beautiful doll I've seen.  At the price of over $700 she is only available to me via photos. When I find the link, I'll post it up.

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